2017 Election Candidates


So, we didn’t get anything together for the 2016 elections. That’s OK, but it’s probably a good time to look forward to next year.

I’d like to set us a target of running 25 candidates in the local government elections across the UK, with an eye on that being our first expansion step towards running candidates and getting one voted in during the 2019 EU elections.

Seem like a plan?

2017 Local Elections HQ
2017 Local Elections HQ

Yep! I might even stand…


I live in Hampshire and would love to help make our political system fairer and more logical. I feel that people have always been deceived by misinformation by the political elite and I would like to see informed decision making, by the whole of UK population rather than a few arguing in parliament about what ideology is best, lying to get what they want and ultimately what is in it for them. This would engage all sections of our society! We need school to inform our children what citizenship really means, by educating them on world history, economics, politics and critical thinking.
So that they are engaged and confident to vote.
I was a Social worker for adults, currently unemployed and would be happy to give time to this project if there is something in my area?
I like the idea of something new - but maybe it would be catchier if you named it logical or something along those lines? Just a suggestion.
Please let me know if I can help.


Hi @Sonya and welcome :slight_smile:

There will definitely be ways to help - we’re still gearing up at the moment, so if you see a way to help that you want to get involved in, just grab it! We don’t have any roadsigns yet :slight_smile:


Unfortunately, I won’t be 18 until five days after the elections next year, so there’s no chance of me being able to stand. Will be happy to help out if someone else is standing near the Cheshire area though. But I agree that standing people is a good idea, 25 is a good target too.


More to the point, would we be prepared to stand in what could potentially be an early general election later this year or early next year?


Well, that would be funtimes getting organised, but I’ll certainly give it another crack, and it would be great to get a good bunch of candidates together.


I would be keen to stand in local elections should any come up in Bury St Edmunds.


That’s fantastic to hear @Pandy! Looks like you’re in quite the Tory safe seat there, just like me. Always good to get the word out through a campaign though. Let’s see if we get the general election we sorely need…


looking back in history, this area has always been Tory. We should have a general election but not because we didn’t vote for our current prime minister (as the country doesn’t work like that). but because the country has changed massively since the last one. Can we really trust what they are saying when our new PM says “Brexit mean Brexit” but our Boris claims Brexit (British Exit) doesn’t mean leave? I agree we should stay in the EU but this just adds some confusion.


I feel that we could benefit, as a party, from some sort of election guidance for candidates in both council and parliament elections. Just a kind of collection of tips, guidelines, suggestions and reminders that could ensure candidates remain proactive and don’t run out of steam. I’ve been looking at some things to do with ‘winning elections’ and would be happy to put some stuff together.


Sounds good to me. We have an initial page at http://somethingnew.org.uk/standing_for_election, but it could certainly be fleshed out. You can edit in a similar way to the manifesto at https://github.com/SomethingNewUK/somethingnewuk.github.io/blob/master/standing_for_election.md, so if you fancy it, go for it :slight_smile:


Forgot about that - it’s certainly a solid page. Perhaps I should come up with some stuff that focuses more on what candidates can do during the election time, some guidance, as most, if not all, or our candidates will be/have been first timers.


Might be nice to turn it into more of a step-by-step HOWTO.


I wouldn’t commit to standing just yet as i am new here and not entirely sure the party will meld well with my political ideology. However, i would recommend looking for seats that are generally more prone to the “maverick” vote. Meaning areas that have previously voted in small parties or independents.


Good news! We don’t have an ideology :slight_smile: We have a manifesto, and you can change it.


that party doesn’t have an ideology, i get. but sometimes unpopular choices have to be made, i feel this could be one of the things that would hold a political party like this back…


Do you think Something New will have to make “unpopular choices” at some point? What kind of choices are you envisaging, and what circumstances would lead us to that point?


If a party is to take a majority seat, and put their leader in place as the prime minister, they will have to make decisions where no choice will result in a favorable outcome for all. People, by their very nature, have different outlooks. Take “Brexit” as an example, we were basically split 50:50 as a nation. Just because peter thinks its good for everyone it doesn’t mean Paul will.


I’d contend that that’s just one of the many jobs of a leader - to balance competing interests and strive to the best outcome for all. The best outcome is almost never the one that either side advocates for. A good leader manages those expectations and works through the differences to find a sensible compromise.

That certainly helps put what Theresa May is doing into some perspective for me.