2017 Election Candidates


Anyway, we’re kind of hijacking a discussion about 2017 candidates for something else @patduckles :smiley:


We should get a plan together :slight_smile:

There are elections for;

  • 35 English councils
  • 32 Scottish councils
  • 22 Welsh councils
  • 9 mayors

I wonder if 25, which would be a quarter of all elections is do-able? We have 41 users signed up here which I imagine is our pool of potential candidates so getting 25 feels like a stretch.

The first thing we’d need to consider is that a deposit of £500 is required to stand in the mayoral elections, so we’d need to raise that. There is no deposit required for local council elections, so perhaps we should focus there to make our lives easier.

I’d also like if it we were to use our candidacies as a platform to promote electoral reform. There will no doubt be local issues, but local elections are often thought about in terms of Westminster referendums. Other than Scotland, the local elections will use FPTP which is an obscene system and our manifesto advocates for STV.

We could use the local elections as a way to raise the issue, and I like the idea of talking about “taking back power” as a deliberate invocation of the EU referendum campaign to get people to actually take a proper look at the electoral system here and how it’s geared to the political elite.


We should also get in touch with other small parties who we think we can align with to help them out, or avoid standing against them.


25 is a real stretch, but it’s a nice target to have. Agree we should focus on local council elections, not mayoral unless someone really wants to, because we won’t have the bandwidth. Only thing is that with local elections, leafletting and so on is harder, because you don’t get the free delivery you get in the general election.

Let’s write a guide to standing in the local council elections. @PaulJRobinson has done it, so we can get him to lead that effort perhaps? We should include:

  • How to find out if there is an election coming up in your area
  • How to register
  • How to put yourself up for the Something New nomination
  • A crowdfunding target

We can do a leaflet design for people to customise based on the general election one, as well.

As for recruiting people, it’ll be tough, but we do have around 200 on the mailing list as well as those who are here, so we’ve got a bit of a base to start from. It’ll take all of us pushing it as hard as we can though.


Okay, sounds good. If we run a crowdfunder we could do a single one aiming to get enough for 25 candidates and fund as many as we can.

I took a look through your Horsham campaign expenditure, James, and (excluding the deposit, room and domain) the spend was just over £1,200. £1k of that was leaflet printing, which would be cheaper because we’d need fewer but, yes, we’d need to distribute leaflets ourselves (probably best to walk it, tbh).

Perhaps a budget of £500 per ward would do it, then? That’s only £12,500 of course.

I like that we could use the crowd funding campaign as a way to promote the party before we even announce candidates. Each potential candidate could try to raise funds from their area, promoting the party in the process and hopefully recruiting volunteers and potential candidates for nearby wards.


@andrewdwilliams looks like you might be able to do something in person after all, got someone interested in standing in the “Liverpool, Chester & North Wales area”. Will narrow it down :slight_smile:


Nice, keep me updated.


Hi all, I’m new here as I only just discovered your party. However, I have been a big advocate of open-source democracy for years now, so the concepts of what you are doing are not new to me and I love what you have created.
I would consider standing in Peckham & Camberwell but I am aware it might be a bit last minute. I also have a baby on the way next month so it would really be a token gesture to increase our number of candidates rather than hitting the campaign trail in any meaningful way.
I would like to take the advice of the community on whether to stand or not.
Either way, I would be very keen to stand in future elections and make a decent run of it when there is more time to plan properly.
I also have a number of ideas regarding local campaigns which I will share in other posts.


Hi @rob! Thanks for putting yourself forward!

I understand it’s quite a commitment. We have talked about running experiments rather than just “paper candidates” so this might be something​ we could do in your ward.

Have a look at our field guide page on county council candidacies anyway and see what you think.


Hi @philipjohn, thanks for the link. As expected, this is definitely too much for me to take on right now to do it properly.
I am very happy do be an experiment of “doing nothing and seeing what happens” as suggested in another thread.



is there anything going in chester or north wales I may be interested.


here is my e mail

Please let me know:

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Hi @Aledcanter1234!

I replied to your other message over here :slight_smile: