2017 Elections: Leaflets


Okay, here’s my very terrible rough draft of a tri-folded A4 leaflet for Lichfield.

Comments welcome from all. @TimPerks is this something you can work with? You have my number already so call me when you’re free if it helps. Thanks!


I had made a draft design for a web poster. As it is mostly there, thought I’d put up here to see if it’d be useful…Comments welcome


Ooh I like that! @KevinK my plans for the leaflet writing have become a little derailed by today’s events, but I’ll get something to you tomorrow instead.


@philipjohn I was talking to @kevink earlier and he suggested using the centre of the leaflet either as a single panel (i.e. 3 columns wide in your doc there) or as 1 column then 2, so that you get a double-page spread in the centre of the C-fold. God, that’s an awful description.

It’s a bit like this: http://www.stocklayouts.com/Templates/Brochure/Community-Non-Profit-Brochure-Template-Design-GB0260101.aspx - imagine that when you’ve opened it up fully, you get a double-page layout on the centre.


Gah, I only just saw this suggestion. Nevermind.

@TimPerks did a great job working up this which I’ve just ordered 5,000 copies of to be delivered this Saturday so that I can get a start on delivering this weekend.

There is a typo on the front which is entirely my fault :frowning: but Tim is off on a no doubt well earned break so I’m sure I can live with one typo :slight_smile:


Phil, if you can stop job I am up early tomorrow and could fix if it helps. I’ll be waking at 5 and leaving at 8.30 so just shout. T


@TimPerks Oh we might be too late but if you can it’s just that. On the “front” the word “admission” should be “academisation”.


Superb work @philipjohn and @TimPerks - I’m getting some copy together for @kevink to do the same here!


OK, my copy is at https://docs.google.com/document/d/1q8Qap-7ZE5tUzg2Mk9F6PJytg5rOAONMeNqG6Cx1p7A/edit. See what you think.


@Floppy here is leaflet. Comments welcome from all.

(I changed where some of the text is, but everything should be on there!)


That’s really great - I’ve printed a copy out and am looking at it in its true form :slight_smile:

A couple of comments:

  • Can we add the somethingnew.org.uk website to the second page, where the Facebook and Twitter links are?
  • I’ve actually lived in Holbrook for 6 years now - I got that wrong :slight_smile:
  • The people’s plan link isn’t live yet, but I will get that online over the weekend, so it will work when the leaflet goes out.


Updated version

(When finalised I’ll send you a link to a hi-res Print File)


@kevink looks great :smiley:


Find Final Print Version for instantprint.co.uk - I can also email if needed.


Order placed :smiley: Thanks everyone!

I’ll get an email out to the mailing list this weekend asking for volunteers to get in touch to help deliver.


@philipjohn I’ve just fixed up the image on https://somethingnew.org.uk/elections/2017/05/04/lichfield-city-north.html so it looks right now.

@KevinK @TimPerks @philipjohn could you guys produce download-friendly versions of your leaflet PDFs? Then I can add them onto the website. Not sure if it’s possible to break it into the appropriate pages so it still reads right, rather than being two flat sheets of A4 in a wierd order?


I’m not sure we should actually bother with mine.


Can do the digital version, but not quite sure how to reorder it…

Will have a think/play with them


Vista Print do some reasonable priced business cards too


E-Poster for Horsham here