2017 Elections: Leaflets


I have a design/video production company. Happy to donate to the cause. also happy to set a precident of open source production. Any web, social media, app or interactive stuff just let me know.


Thanks @Lewis_Sturrock !! Any good with animation?


Its my speciality. Degree, teach and pubkish


Oh, superb! We could really do with some animated video stuff to spread the message around in a friendlier way. Would you be up for creating something if we throw get some ideas together?


Back on the leaflet topic, I was putting some leaflets around in shops and things yesterday. Shops are really helpful in general - they’re happy to put out stacks by the tills, from my experience. Pubs are a bit more wary, but if you can get hold of the landlord, then they’re generally up for it, especially once you explain you’re not one of the big ones that everyone is sick of. Takeaways are another good place that seem happy to take them too.

I’ll go back in a couple of days and see if they’re going…


If your leaflets shows ideas on how health can be improved like social prescribing and pressures removed from NHS providers then liaise with practice managers or assistant’s about leaving some in GP surgeries !


I am in contact with an industrial partner who works with big data and NHS contracts. There is potential for block based open major overhaul to NHS, less money, more service. I’ll ask if they would endorse me


Sounds good, please say how you get on.


Hi there, I’m a student from Collyer’s and I’m representing SN in the mock election. I made some posters that I’ve put up around the college and you’re welcome to use them if you wish!

On an unrelated note, I lurked your discourse and saw the Cafepress, I’m also looking to buy merch to wear in time for the 11th, would that be the best place to buy it?



AMAZING @dylan_myers, I’m so excited that we’re in the mock election this time round! Cafepress is the perfect place for merch, now @geeksareforlife has it up and running - hopefully the delivery times are OK. I’ll DM you about setting up a chat next week!


Welcome on board @dylan_myers


Looked at Lichfield leaflet @philipjohn Yes it’s really good