2017 Elections: Nomination thread


OK, nomination time is upon us and we only have until 4pm on Tuesday 4th April to get them in. So, our list is:

  • Holbrook Ward (Horsham), West Sussex County Council - @Floppy
  • Lichfield City North Ward, Staffordshire County Council - @philipjohn
  • Eastgate and Moreton Hall Ward (Bury St Edmunds), Suffolk County Council - @Pandy
  • Unknown ward, Denbighshire County Council - @Aledcanter1234 (tbc)

Instructions are here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LYDey4BNyBaDnu86_le6X2nCCDAlTl43qec7YO5nAz8/edit

This first thing you all need to do starting right now is get your nominations form filled in. Download the nomination pack (linked at the top of the document above) and start getting signatures. You need 10 from the area that you are standing in - in other words, the 10 people who sign your form should be able to vote for you. Don’t use anyone who is involved in the process (e.g. who is working at the count).

We also need the full name you will put on your form so that we can get @PaulJRobinson (our nominating officer) to fill in the form that lets you stand for the party.

Please post back here with a final go / no-go on whether you will stand, and what name you will be standing under.

The next few days are critical in getting this done!


You should also make an appointment with the returning officer in your area to go and hand in your forms. You only need to do the nominations and the consent form in person - we can do the party consent by post.


Also, @sonya, @andrewdwilliams mentioned that you didn’t want to stand this time after all, but if you change your mind, now’s the time - we’d love to have you on board :smiley:


Note that on the forms, you should use “Something New” as the description, and “Emblem 1” on the emblem request form.


OK, to encourage everyone else along, here’s my status. This morning I have:

  • Emailed the request form to my returning officer to get a copy of the electoral register.
  • Emailed the returning officer to get an appointment to hand in the forms.
  • Looked at my ward boundaries again (larger than I thought) and made a list of 7 people who I can immediately hit up for nomination signatures. 3 more to find.
  • Filled in the nomination form (except the nominations themselves).
  • Filled in the consent form (just need to sign with a witness now).
  • Filled in the emblem request form.

If anyone wants a copy of what I’ve done, I can send it over. @philipjohn you can already see it as I’ve created a folder in the shared files for this election.

I’ve also hit up @PaulJRobinson for the authorisation forms, so as soon you confirm your division name and the full name you’re putting on the form, we can get them moving.


Emailed the request form to my returning officer to get a copy of the electoral register.
Emailed the returning officer to get an appointment to hand in the forms.

Same here.

I started to print the nomination papers and ran out of ink :facepalm:


I’m going to prep the authorisation forms so @pauljrobinson can just print, sign and post. @philipjohn @pandy @Aledcanter1234 can you private message me your full name (as on the form), the full name of your ward (again as on the form) and your address for postage?


Nomination protip - if you’re filling in the elector IDs from the register on your nomination form, be careful. The number is made of 3 parts, the Prefix, Number, and Suffix. Everyone will have a prefix and a number, but most suffixes are 0. If the suffix is 0, do not include it in the elector ID. Only include it if it’s not zero.


Just a reminder - the authorisation forms are the critical path. Those are what we need to physically move around the country and get to you otherwise you can’t stand for Something New. Please message me the information above as soon as possible so we can get them in the post tomorrow! @philipjohn @Pandy @Aledcanter1234


Hi james,

I sent you an email last night please e mail me again so i can send you the information.




I’m prepping the authorisation forms now to email to @PaulJRobinson. He will print them and post two copies recorded delivery, one to your home addresses, and one direct to the returning officer. That way we cover every possibility and make damn sure that the paper gets to the right place in time. :slight_smile:

Once I’ve done those, I’ll update popolo data and get names and pages up on the website for each area.


Right, thankyou everyone for the information - the authorisation forms are now with @PaulJRobinson for signing and sending tomorrow. Now all you need are nomination signatures, good luck :slight_smile:


@PaulJRobinson has confirmed that the forms are signed and in the post. One job down :slight_smile:


And I’ve got my authorisation form from Paul. Anyone else had theirs yet? I can relax when everyone has them :wink:


Mine arrived this morning too! I was out, but will pick it up tomorrow. Also got the last nomination I need line up for tomorrow :slight_smile:


My forms are done, nominations obtained, and I’ll be dropping them in first thing tomorrow. Will confirm when it’s all official :slight_smile:


All done, I’m on the ballot. :tada:


Just dropped mine in too. They didn’t do a full check, but I don’t see there being any issues. :tada: I just so happen to be going out tonight, so I can celebrate :grinning:


Horsham always publish the nomination lists really fast, so ours are already out. I’m the only candidate in our area not from the big 3 parties, so I should pick up a few protest votes :slight_smile:



Where have they published the names in your area? I’m only seeing the notice of election. Ours say they announce candidates tomorrow.