2017 Elections: Nomination thread


get names and pages up on the website for each area

@Floppy What’s​ involved with this, is it something I can do? I had a look at the existing candidate pages but was expecting to see while sections rather than the one info page, so wasn’t sure how to create that.


Basically you make a new page in https://github.com/SomethingNewUK/somethingnewuk.github.io/tree/master/_elections. Once the page is there though, it needs adding to the data store at https://github.com/SomethingNewUK/popolo-data/tree/gh-pages/candidacies so that the links get generated from the main list. It’s a bit circular, but it keeps the data correct. :slight_smile:

I’ll do pages in the morning and sort it all out.


I wanted to learn so I made a start :slight_smile:

It’s just the two of us in the Popolo data - did we not get @Pandy and @Aledcanter1234 sorted?


I am preparing for the next election, getting people signed up, with digital signatures and elector numbers. I am also hoping to raise support in the town, by communicating to people in the district.


@philipjohn nice one, you go ahead of me. Sorry, got a stinking cold so am a bit slow. Unfortunately no, we didn’t get @pandy or @Aledcanter1234 in this time round - in the future though :slight_smile:


@pandy nice one, continue to spread the word! How do you mean “digital signatures”?


One of my issues, was keeping people accepting the limited responsibility of nomination paperwork. I am hoping to keep them. I know digital signatures won’t work on the form. However, it means I can keep in touch with them, and they feel some connection to me as a person.