2017 Elections: Press Release


I’ve just put together this draft press release, which I’d love to have everyone’s feedback on please :slight_smile:

It’s obviously written for me, but the format can easily be copied and the quotes and personal info swapped out for each candidate, so feel free to use this.

My plan is to send this out to local media, of which I have a nice list now, on 6th April, as nominations are publicly announced by 4pm on the 5th.

2017 Elections - Policy comms "strategy"

Logged in, made loads of changes, have a look.


Great suggestions, most accepted :slight_smile: Thank you!


I’ll adapt this and send out here as well, thanks @philipjohn :slight_smile:


Imo I’d rather you edit it further, but it’s obviously up to you to do it, your document n’all.

Staffordshire To Get a New Kind of Politics
County Council candidate offers a break from the same old politics with Something New
6th April 2017 - Lichfield, Staffordshire - In May, a local man is hoping to bring a new kind of politics to Staffordshire by running for election to Staffordshire County Council. Philip John is presenting voters with an alternative to the same old politics when he stands for the party he co-founded, Something New.

You say “new kind of politics” and “same old politics” too much, it’s needlessly repetitive and makes me not want to continue reading, infact, it makes me think that you are just another politician, since the emphasis here is on you being new and the old people sucking, not on what you can actually do, or what you believe. People, myself included, don’t want “I’m the new guy look at me”, they want someone who says “My duration in the political sphere and the people who came before are irrelevant, here’s what I stand for, here’s why, and here’s how I’ll do it, vote me if you give a shit about your city, county, or country”. I get that the party is called Something New and that’s kinda it’s thing, but if you won’t make it into a pun or a catchphrase or something funny (if you even have to say it in the first place), then you’ll just bore people.

Edit: The intro is the most important bit, since though we as people like to think we don’t make assumptions or snap judgements, we do, thus, repeating yourself will make people close the proverbial tab.


After some tweaks I just splurged this out to 11 local media, including radio and TV… let’s see what happens!


Pop it up on the site as a press release too, and we’ll sploot it out on the social medias.


And I’ll get to mine soon :slight_smile:


Good idea!

Need to find somewhere to put my photo… Can it go in images?