2017 Local Elections HQ


@Aledcanter1234 looks like you have Denbighshire County Council elections coming up: https://www.denbighshire.gov.uk/en/your-council/voting-and-elections/county-council-elections-local-elections.aspx.

I’ll email this too :slight_smile:


OK, fundraiser is live: http://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/something-new-2017-local-elections



Thanks to @andrewdwilliams for doing a whole load of groundwork so I could finish it off last night :slight_smile:


Right, next step is to make sure everyone who is standing starts collecting nominations. Deadline is only a week away.


Apologies that I sort of just left it all half completed. Unfortunately, the closer I get to my exams, ie the next three months, the less time I’ll have to think about this. So no guarantees, but I’ll certainly try to pop my head up at some point and help where I can.


I am talking to my local elections team, I am getting a lot of support from them. If you struggle, just ask them, I have found out


@Floppy Where did you order your map from for the General Election? I love maps anyway, but I’m keen to get some I can draw ward boundaries on.


Gotta love a map: https://www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/shop/custom-made-maps.html


An update here - the crowdfunding campaign just finished, and we raised £222. As we ended up only spending around £100 on leafleting per area plus a few other little bits, we’ve pretty much covered our costs, which is great news!


Shall I not mention the bunch of money I just put on online ad campaigns then? :smiley:

Seriously though, having written off the cost of my leaflets I figured I could redirect that money into online ads so that’s why I did this morning. I took screenshots of what I’ve done:


Running until 4th May 12:00 with a budget of £79, targeted at anyone living in Lichfield. It’s already reached 565 people!


Targeted at the two postcode districts in my patch with a budget of £5/day.


Nice one! I’d like to publish details of our ads, so keep that info around. We have more budget in the main account too, so I’m sure we can cover it all :slight_smile:


Yep, that’s why I made sure to take the screenshots :slight_smile:


I had a go at doing it: https://github.com/SomethingNewUK/advertising/tree/master/local.staffordshire.lichfield-city-north.2017-05-04


Great! I put this out on our Facebooks. Got some interest, at least.


The results are in!

Holbrook Division, West Sussex County Council

  • CATCHPOLE Peter Charles - The Conservative Party Candidate - 1973 (63%) - ELECTED
  • CHAPMAN Raymond Edward - Labour Party - 314 (10%)
  • HELLAWELL Warwick John - Liberal Democrats - 653 (21%)
  • SMITH James - Something New - 199 (6%)

Our @Floppy got a great result with 6% and just a smidge over 100 votes behind Labour!

Lichfield City North, Staffordshire County Council

  • Peter, Philip John - Something New - 175 (5%)
  • Pullen, Natasha Inez - The Conservative Party Candidate - 1571 (46%) - ELECTED
  • Trent, Miles Nicholas - Liberal Democrats - 420 (12%)
  • Wolfenden, Hilary Mary - The Green Party - 163 (5%)
  • Wood, Caroline Brigid Thérèse - The Labour Party Candidate - 1076 (32%)

Another very respectable vote share, and beating the Greens is fantastic given we’re such a new and small party.

Stowe, Lichfield City Council

  • ANKETELL Jeyarajan - Liberal Democrats - 249 (17%)
  • FIELD Matthew Lee - The Labour Party Candidate - 327 (22%)
  • MCGRATH James Joseph - The Conservative Party Candidate - 787 (54%) - Elected
  • PETER Philip John - Something New - 101 (7%)

Another great vote share - really chuffed with this!

From me, and on behalf of @Floppy, thank you so much @andrewdwilliams @KevinK @TimPerks - and others who I’m bound to have forgotten - for helping us achieve these results! Now let’s do even better in the general election :wink:

GE2017: Facebook

One thing I wanted to mention is that I know I could have done better. My mistake on the leaflet meant I didn’t get any out, and I didn’t get out to do the canvassing I wanted. In the end, my campaign came down to local media and online advertising.

That’s interesting in itself though. @Floppy didn’t do any online advertising, but did have leaflets and a lot of canvassing. This is really useful information - it certainly felt like the online ads were helping me and now we know they can be just as effective as leaflets and canvassing. I’d suggest we should try and fund ads with a budget of at least 1p per voter for 7 days.


Cheers Philip, and well done in particular to you and @Floppy for taking the plunge and standing. A solid set of results, which, though we all wish they would be higher, are not embarrassing and show that our brand and the strategies we have so far employed do work. I am firmly of the belief that if, in time, we have a good local team in an area of five or six willing people, and the capacity to get door-knocking, we will start winning local government seats. The only reason this hasn’t happened yet is because we are not a geographically-focused party, something we cannot do anything about.

In particular, this election had significance as a trial-run for 8th June. We’ve gone from being practically dormant in January 2017 to standing candidates and scooping up a fair number of votes, even pipping the Green Party candidate in of Philip’s wards. This had the inadvertent and unintended, though welcome, effect of meaning we are as ready as we’re ever going to be for the general election, which is great. Hopefully, we’ll be able to find enough willing people in one constituency this time and get some serious campaigning done. Well done again, and thanks to everyone else who was also involved.


@Floppy, @philipjohn

Well done !


Thanks everyone for all the help and support! I’m really pleased with those results, and they’re now up on the website at https://somethingnew.org.uk/results.html.

Now on to the next :smiley: