Activity spike


We’re getting a bit of a spike in activity - more twitter followers popping up than usual, and our web analytics free plan has hit its monthly limit in half the usual time. However, because it’s hit the limit, I can’t see the dashboard, so I have no idea why. Has anyone noticed anything in particular?

(note: we use gosquared for analytics because it’s privacy-friendly, hence the limit - we’re only on the free plan, and can’t afford the next tier yet until we have more monthly donations coming in).


Facebook isn’t showing a spike in activity on our page, but I have noticed some more interest too, which is great.

Does the analytics we do have show where folks are coming from?


It would if I could access it, but the free plan cuts you off after you hit the point limit. I’m wondering if we could instead run our own piwik instance on heroku, to avoid this problem, and get the analytics we need more cheaply. I’ve found a Heroku deploy button I can press, so I’ll see what happens :smiley:


OK, that was easy, we’re now dual-tracking with GoSquared and our own Piwik instance. We can try Piwik for a while, see how well it works. And see some analytics. I’ll put the login details in the password database.


Hm, something wrong with Piwik, it didn’t survive a dyno restart. I suspect it might not be very 12-factor compliant. I’ll look into it further.


OK, it’s behaving now…