Advisory board


Many organisations like us put together a board of advisors, who can help steer things in the right direction, help with contacts, and tell us when we’re being stupid. If we were to create one, who would be the people you’d ideally want to have on it?


Ideally? :grin:

Cory Doctorow, Edward Snowden, Jimmy Wales, Tim Berners-Lee.

Realistically? I’m not sure. Alex maybe?


No need to be realistic! I am only a single degree of separation from 3/4 of your list there, so I can get asks to people :slight_smile:


Another person I thought of today: Will Moy

Our old friends Francis Davey and Francis Irving would be good advisors too.


I personally think it’s a good idea. However, I don’t have any suggestions


What about Richard Murphy? Saw him talk in Frome a few years ago and was really interested in his ideas




That’s a great idea @cole007, he’s a great speaker and a lovely guy. I really should get round to reading his book (which is on my shelf).


Got a few there, which is good, but it’s very white male. Need more diversity!

Some other ideas:

  • Bryony Worthington - Labour peer and old colleague of mine
  • Helen Milner - Tinder Foundation
  • Emma Mulqueeny - Rewired State etc etc etc
  • Andy Williamson - board of Demsoc
  • Alex Steffen - Worldchanging


Good shout - Emma follows me on twitter so can drop her a message