Animal Rights


Animals are being let down big time. I’m not saying lets all go vego but lets have compassion for creatures. Few ideas here

End cruelty in farming. No overcrowding, good quality food and shelter. Limit transport of livestock to 60 miles and limited time animals spend on transport and no live exports.Local slaughter houses with most humane methods of slaughter and reduction of pre-slaughter stressful conditions.

Stiffer sentencing for animal cruelty. Make sentences for those that inflict pain and suffering on animals match those of if the same crime was commited against another person.

More regulation for shooting. Anyone shooting for pest control or for food should pass a test to make sure they are capable of a clean kill. Licence air weapons.

End cruelty in angling. Ban barbed hooks and live baits.

Regulate breeding of animals. Licence breeding of all animals.