BBC election debates


Just found out about the BBC Sussex election debate: I’ll try to get a seat. Probably a good idea to see if there is a highlands one too. We won’t get invited unless we push.


I tried to find something similar in Scotland but other than a radio debate in Moray and the leader debates I couldn’t find anything.


There is a general [email protected] email address - could you drop them a line asking specifically about the Sussex one, and asking if there are any we can get involved in up near Lewis? I doubt we’ll get in either, but it would be good to give them a bit of a push. We have the same number of MPs as UKIP, after all :wink:


Gah I’m sorry, I missed this :frowning:


No problem - I think I dropped them a line anyway, but it went into the expected black hole. No problem :slight_smile: