BBC Three Enquiry


This has come in:

I’m working on a new BBC Three documentary exploring the ‘state of the nation’ of the UK in 2017, from the perspective of young people. Our presenter will be speaking to young people (16-35yrs) across the UK about their thoughts, concerns, hopes and fears about life in the UK today, including touching on big events like the EU referendum and the upcoming general election.

I wondered if any young people involved in Something New would be happy to have a chat about this topic at all? It would be great to hear their perspective as those involved in a relatively new political party. Please feel free to pass along my email to anyone interested, or pop them in touch with me.

Would anyone be up for this? I’ve already dropped @andrewdwilliams in it without asking, but I imagine there are others here who would be willing. But, I don’t know who fits in the category, so volunteer yourselves and I’ll make an email intro!

I’m tagging a few specific people for notifications, but of course this is open to anyone who wants to: @Lewis_Sturrock @philipjohn @dylan_myers @KevinK


Yeah, sure! Apparently I’m good at getting myself on the TV (Hairy Bikers, Channel 4 News, Sky News… might as well as the beeb :smiley: ).

I like how I’m still “young” at 32, as well!


Ah, but wise beyond your meagre years.


I’m down. :slight_smile: [lalala. filling character space…]


Im still young too! 31. I can certainly ask my students if they would like to say anything , got to be careful about promoting anything to them tho