Candidate "Contract"/Vetting


One thing we really need to sort out is how we do some basic checks on candidates as well as have some sort of agreement about conduct. We should certainly ensure all candidates are members but I don’t think that obligates them to do anything like not be an idiot.

Some questions then…

  • Should we have a “candidate contract” or “code of conduct” that all candidates have to agree to?
  • What should we do to vet those candidates?
  • Who is going to lead this whole process?


Yes, we should have something specific. I’ll check the constitution, and look at our general CoC, see what we could do. We should put someone in charge of vetting; as Paul is building a house at the moment, it would be a good idea to get a Deputy Nominating Officer in place who could do that. Anyone want the job?


I could be the Deputy Nominating Officer if you want @Floppy.

I’ve drawn up some ideas for the Contract for Candidates.

  1. The candidate agrees to disclose to the party any sensitive information that could be damaging to their candidacy or to the party’s credibility.

  2. The candidate has never been a member of the following political parties: Britain First, British National Party, etc

  3. The candidate agrees to the Something New Code of Conduct; particularly, to ‘Our Pledge’ and ‘Our Standards’.

  4. The candidate is aware of Something New’s Guarantee, especially that we will never have a party whip and that we reserve the right to revoke membership and endorsement of a candidate who violates the Code of Conduct.


Thanks for volunteering Andrew! I wondered if you’d had any more thoughts on this? We’re going to need something for the People Power Brum campaign so I’m keen to get this sorted soon.

Let me know where you are or if you have time to work on it this month :slight_smile:


Thanks @andrewdwilliams; I’ve sent you an invite to our online registration via the Electoral Commission. Please set up your details, confirm your association with the party, let me know and I will carry on from there.


I’ve taken a stab at this.

Please take a look and comment/suggest changes! This is something we need to use for People Power Brum.


I recently had a good chat with one of the People Power Brum candidates. He is a former Labour candidate and shared with me part of their process.

Labour ask candidates to make a subject access request to the police (at a cost of £10) and send the response to the party. A subject access request is something created by the data protection act and allows people to obtain a copy of personal data held about them by organisations.

I suggest we include this in our vetting proceedure, which I’m drafting over here.


Good idea - well worth doing as a baseline check for people we don’t know.