Centrist shareable


Just had a thought that maybe @KevinK might be interested in.

Given there is lots of talk about all these so-called “centrist” parties popping up and we’re trying to get away from the left-right debacle, I had this idea for a shareable graphic;

  • some sort of representation of left, centrist and right
  • centrist would have a question mark or something else that says “what?” visually
  • at the bottom would be the SN logo and a strapline like “The old politics is broken”

We’d share it with this text:

Left? Right? Centrist?! The old politics of the left-right spectrum is broken. Let’s build Something New instead.

It’s a direct challenge to these many groups building “centrist” parties that, from what I have seen, are intensely negative about those they perceive as being either end of the spectrum.


How about a tug of war, with a half blue and red rope, becoming purple in the centre?



Hey! This tory/centrist party hasn’t actually formed yet has it?


Awesome idea. I wish my drawing skills were that good!


https://renewbritain.org seems to be the one with most traction.