Choose just one thing to change about 'the system'

If there was just one radical change you could make to ‘the system’ (I’ll let you decide what sort of system: electoral/constitutional/capitalist/any other system) what would it be? Turn us into a republic? Scrap representative democracy in favour of something else? What would your ‘big change’ be?

Wow, that’s a hard question. Everything so interlinked. In terms of ensuring our immediate survival though, I think it would have to be an extremely rapid shift to a zero-carbon world. That way we’ll be around long enough to solve the rest of our issues, and won’t bottleneck ourselves.

For short term reward: basic income. The quality-of-life improvement would be enormous. Long-term restructuring and sustainability is a bit more complex, so I don’t have firm answers there.

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Easy. A Something New government :grinning:

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