DemFest - 13/14 May


The Democratic Society’s DemFest is happening on 13/14 May, and I think it’s something we should be at. However, I can’t make it due to prior commitments (including my wife and I having our 40th birthday party on the Saturday night, so lots of organising to get done on the day). However, I think we should have a presence there and take part in the event. Who could go along for those days and represent the party? @andrewdwilliams, @philipjohn; I think it’s not too far away from you guys…

I might be able to go for the Friday, and will if I can, but Saturday is definitely out.


I might be able to make this. Obviously I’d prefer it if it wasn’t just me going though.


Gah, no can do - I have my kids that weekend