Hi all,

I have just had a phone call about the devolution plans in Suffolk and Norfolk. I wasn’t overly sure how to the party would have answered, locally or national, so I used the manifesto as a guide. I would say, devolution is an important issue across the UK at the moment.


Very interesting - what was the context of the phone call? (although remember this is a public forum, so don’t answer if you can’t in public :slight_smile: )

I’ve not really looked into the devolution stuff to county level, though I’ve seen things like Yorkshire First campaiging for that sort of thing. In general the manifesto principle is to push power as far down the chain as possible, so it’s certainly compatible, though quite where the lines would be drawn would be up for debate I guess.


Sorry didn’t see the reply. I agree that it should be for the individual locations to divide and decide but I am Suffolk seems keen but Norfolk isn’t (as far as I remember the news last year)