DiEM25 - Should we endorse/align?


You may or may not have heard about Yanis Varoufakis’ new pan-European democracy movement, calling itself DiEM25 (or, Democracy in Europe Movement 2025). I think this has already been mentioned, but the whole movement seems to largely fit with our objectives, particularly our view for the EU as set out by the EU renegotiation post that was drawn up.

I think we can largely align ourselves to both their short manifesto and their long manifesto. We could also start promoting other things they are doing, for instance their Transparency in Europe Petition that has recently been launched.

For reference, this is how they want the EU/Europe to look by 2025 (taken from the short manifesto):

  • A Democratic Europe in which all political authority stems from Europe’s sovereign peoples
  • A Transparent Europe where all decision-making takes place under the citizens’ scrutiny
  • A United Europe whose citizens have as much in common across countries as within them
  • A Realistic Europe that sets itself the task of radical, yet achievable, democratic reforms
  • A Decentralised Europe that uses central power to maximise democracy locally
  • A Pluralist Europe of regions, ethnicities, faiths, nations, languages and cultures
  • An Egalitarian Europe that celebrates difference and ends all forms of discrimination
  • A Cultured Europe that harnesses its peoples’ cultural diversity
  • A Social Europe that recognises freedom from exploitation as a prerequisite for true liberty
  • A Productive Europe that directs investment into a shared, green prosperity
  • A Sustainable Europe that lives within the planet’s means
  • An Ecological Europe engaged in genuine world-wide green transition
  • A Creative Europe that releases the innovative powers of its citizens’ imagination
  • A Technological Europe pressing new technologies in the service of solidarity
  • A Historically-minded Europe that seeks a bright future without hiding from its past
  • An Internationalist Europe that treats non-Europeans as ends-in-themselves
  • A Peaceful Europe de-escalating tensions in its neighbourhood and beyond
  • An Open Europe that is alive to ideas, people and inspiration from all over the world, recognising fences and borders as signs of weakness and sources of insecurity
  • A Liberated Europe where privilege, prejudice, deprivation and the threat of violence wither, allowing Europeans to be born into fewer stereotypical roles, to enjoy even chances to develop their potential, and to be free to choose more of their partners in life, work and society.

I think we could write up a quick post on this topic and get it out there, if people agree that we should endorse/align ourselves with DiEM25. It would show that we’re serious about our position on the EU - that is, staying in but only with serious reform.


Yep, I’ve posted about DiEM25 a couple of times, but not started the discussion on whether to endorse/join.

I think it’s aligned with our aims and manifesto, certainly from the list above, but someone will need to go through it properly to check, and highlight where we differ (or improve the manifesto where things are missing). Reckon you could do that?

Thinking about it, we do endorse other campaigns as part of the manifesto, so we could make the endorsement an actual manifesto item in http://openpolitics.org.uk/manifesto/foreign_policy.html#european-union. I’m pretty sure it will match up.


Yeah, I’ll go through their manifesto and see how far it matches up with ours/our principles. I’ll draw up any additions we ought to make to our manifesto based on theirs, and if you like I’ll also draw up a post to put on the SN website announcing our endorsement. I might be able to do some of that today.


@andrewdwilliams did you ever get chance to do this? It would be a good thing to update our EU reform policy post-referendum…

I will also take a look soon when I get some time to digest the stuff properly.


Not properly. I got caught up with exams and stuff. If I can, I’ll prize myself away from procrastination and have a good look at their manifesto.


Finally had a good look at their ‘long manifesto’. A lot of it is taken up with explaining why they exist, rather than offering policy suggestions, but some of the key suggestions they make:

  • Full transparency in decision making
  • EU Council, Ecofin, FTT and Eurogroup meetings to be live streamed
  • All documents pertinent to crucial negotiations (eg TTIP and bailout) that affect the lives of many
  • European citizens to be published online
  • A compulsory register for lobbyists that includes clients’ names, their renumeration, and a record of meetings with officials (both elected and unelected)
  • A European-ised response to: Public debt, Banking, Inadequate Investment, Migration, and Rising Poverty
  • A European Constitutional Assembly with transnational elected representatives

Full document: https://diem25.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/diem25_english_long.pdf


I’m especially interested in that one…


That looks pretty promising, and in line with a lot of our UK policies. Are you planning to add those things to the EU reform section of the manifesto then?


Will do. What kind of purpose do you foresee the EU reform section having if we do end up leaving? Simply a kind of ‘this needs to be reformed anyway’, or would it be more like ‘if these are reformed we might come back.’


Personally I think it’s a “this needs to be reformed anyway”, but that’s just me.


I agree. Because if/when we do leave, the EU will still be right next to us and if it is still clunky and outdated that will have a serious indirect affect on us too.


DiEM25 have decided to form an “electoral wing” - they’ll seek alliances where they can and form a party where they can’t.


Oh, interesting. Let’s talk to them.


I’m on the DiEM forum but I’ve rarely used it. I’ll explore around on this topic.