District Council


Little off topic with all the buzz around County and snap elections but I was wondering if anyone here has in the past stood durning a District election (successfully or not) as it’s something that I’m currently considering in a few years. the current “ward” I’m in seems to receive very little engagement and I just wanted to pick the brains of someone that has been through the journey themselves.


@PaulJRobinson stood in the Waverley District Council elections in 2015, but that’s the only one. He was standing for MP as well at the time, in the same area, and I don’t think he did anything specifically focused on the district election side of it.

I imagine that county elections are quite similar to district (the electoral divisions are fairly similar sizes), so we might well learn some lessons this time round that might help.


Once all the crazy rush is over I shall have to try and pick some brains as two years will flyby if I don’t prep and make a plan.


Actually found it more enjoyable, much better engagement. I think voters are more willing to go out on a limb for a minor party for district/borough elections. Plus the wards are smaller than the divisions used for county elections and so it’s much more manageable (just 3000 voters in my ward as I recall) so it can be leafleted in its entirety in a matter of days or a week depending on how many of you are involved (although actually door knocking and canvassing would take three times as long) and they’re likely to all share similar local concerns whereas a parliamentary constituency is just too large to be possible to get to every household and they’re likely to be varying social demographics/political concerns depending on which neighbourhood you visit. You also have advantage of there being a greater likelihood of one or more major party not being able to field a candidate in district elections (unless - as James said it happens to coincide with a general election in which case the ballot paper is likely to be full of candidates from every possible party).


Hey @PaulJRobinson how long before the district election did you start working on it? and what sort of prep work did you do? Somerset District elections are two years away and the ward I live in is Yeovil East which is around 7000 strong but has only seen around a 26% turn up at the voiding booth at the last election which shows there is scope for change if people can be engaged and a move away from the Tory & LD normal votes. The current District council sees a 50/50 split of LD and Tory with 3 independents and no Labour. Having grown up here with 4 generations of my family having lived/living in this ward I’m really interested in looking to step up to see what I can offer rather than sitting on my hands but It’s all a little daunting as to were to start.