We desparately need more diversity in Something New; I don’t know how diverse we are, but I’m certain it’s not enough. How do we improve this? Are there organisations we could reach out to to improve the situation, intially? How do we become more ethnically, gender, and socially diverse? All ideas welcome!


Of course I agree that we ought to be as diverse as possible, but in doing so we should not restrict the activities of people such as myself (or yourself) who just happen to pale, male, and perhaps stale. As an idea of an organisation we could reach out, to perhaps work alongside and promote, perhaps Operation Black Vote could be a good starting place?


I had a quick Google for organisations that might be concerned with diversity in politics but nothing really came up.

One option might be to try and get speaking slots diversity conferences and events where we can talk about our open approach to participation?


Yes, this isn’t about restricting anything (we can’t afford to do that right now), but about making sure we reach out to a wider community. Someone else mentioned OBV to me, so yes, I’ll try to get in touch with them, see what we could do.


I know my contributions are usually restricted to “stupid app ideas that aren’t even remotely feasible” but here is another app idea that isn’t even remotely feasible: Inspired by Pokemon Go and the idea of people wandering around trying to find things I quite like the idea of people wandering around using their phones to to hunt down other people: in this case you get points for tagging/bumping phones with others who are diverse and different from you. The more diverse the person is from you’re own profile that you’ve set up, the more points you get. So the game encourages you to meet people who are the complete opposite from you in outlook. A kind of opposites attract game that encourages you to get out of your own bubble which we all so comfortably sit in when we’re online, and to meet those who share polar opposite views. How’s this useful/applicable to Something New? Well I think that when you meet people who are ‘opposite’ to you and you wouldn’t usually mix with, you realise they aren’t as scary as first thought, and you actually share some things in common. So this would both literally and metaphorically bring people together. It wouldn’t advance our electoral aims, but would advance our philosophical and principled aims.