Does anyone know Jack Monroe


Jack Monroe is standing:

I’m having a lot of fun imagining “Jack Monroe - Something New” on a ballot paper!


Why not tweet and see what her plan is?


Oh i did :blush: let’s see if she replies!


She’s standing for our friends, the NHA!


I’ll try to get in touch with them to form a friendship during this election - they at least replied to me last time, so that’s good.


We could do a press release along the lines of ‘We back Jack in Southend West’ or something like that.


I like that idea!! :slight_smile:


Had I been at my laptop I would have tweeted from the SN account when I posted that news :slight_smile:


Yep, sounds good. We could do a release backing a number of other candidates, but Jack in particular. I will roll out the old “recommended candidates” list.