E-mail addresses


I’ve just created a bunch of e-mail forwarders to give people @somethingnew.org.uk e-mail addresses. Any e-mail sent to them will forward to the e-mail addressed you’ve used to register here. They are;

@geeksareforlife : [email protected]
@KevinK : [email protected]
@Lewis_Sturrock : [email protected]

I’ll send you all an e-mail in a minute to test it out. If you don’t get it, let me know.


Great thanks. Are you able to send emails from them? If yes, how?

Can I just create an alias in my mail client?


You can, in a way, yes. I use Gmail and that has a handy “Send mail as” feature - here’s the docs on that.


It asks for the smtp address (I think that comes up automaticly) and a p/w ??


Ah yeah, I think you need to grab the Gmail SMTP - http://lifehacker.com/111166/how-to-use-gmail-as-your-smtp-server


I’m not sure Google lets you use its services now for aliased email addresses - you might need the Gandi details instead. Ping me if the instructions above don’t work and I’ll look up the info and send it through.


Gandi details would be lovely @Floppy