Elections this May

So, I understand there are county council elections where both @philipjohn and @Floppy live this May. If at least one of you is going to stand, we need to get the wheels in motion quite soon. The nomination period is from 28 March to 4 April, and the election itself is on 4 May.

There is, of course, no election deposit to be paid. So, if we do crowdfund, every penny can go to the election effort - principally, I imagine, leaflets. Let me know your thoughts.

Funnily enough, I mentioned to @Floppy in the pub this week that I’d been looking into it. I’m still not sure yet, but that’s a helpful reminder of the limited time to actually decide. I’ll need a bit more time to think about whether it’s feasible for me.

Yeah, he actually mentioned it to me. Don’t be under any pressure to do it, but the opportunity is there this year, and I think we’re enthused enough to do a good job with it. We still have enough time to do something good if you do decide to stand in the next few weeks.

On crowdfunding, it would be good to get an idea of what we’d need to raise for each candidate. Main cost would be leafleting, posters, plus some Facebook advertising perhaps.

My county council ward had 9000 voters in 2015, so let’s assume roughly 5000 addresses. I spent around £1000 on 50,000 leaflets in 2015. It’s not linear, and setup is the big cost, but £500 seems reasonable. Add on another £100 for some simple posters, and Facebook ads taking up the spare, an estimate of £600 per ward is my first stab.

We could start a crowdfunding campaign to raise as much as we can, saying we’ll run as many as possible. Set £600 as the minimum, and then have extra wards as stretch goals. That would focus us. In 2015 we raised £2500 for the general election, so I think it’ll be a push, but hey - what isn’t?

What do you think?

That’s really helpful.

My main thinking is;

  • I have some ideas about what kind of councillor I’d be
  • I’m worried I won’t have the time, although it sounds like the time commitment is mostly up to each councillor
  • There’s little chance I’d win
  • Even so, I’d want to put a lot of effort into campaigning
  • Campaigning costs money, and while we could crowd fund, it’s sensible to expect to need to pay all the costs of campaigning
  • I can’t afford to pay all the costs of the campaign I’d want

Can you elaborate a bit on what those costs would be beyond my vague reckons above? The more realistic a target we can get, the better.

It’s the £600 per ward figure as a starting point. I’d definitely want leaflets, but then also some online advertising and maybe newspaper adverts too.

I’m thinking about the worst case scenario where we don’t get any crowd funding. Obviously, I could choose to stand only if we raise £600 (or we could raise that threshold to £1k for adverts).

One option is paper candidacies. This is something the Green Party do, helping to remind people they are around. It’s probably a damn good advertisement.

I’m not a fan of paper candidacies personally, I think they’re a bit of a “bad smell” in the system.

If we did the crowdfunding now and had it finish before nominations, we would know how much we had to work with. We could crowdfund a general “council candidate” fund rather than individuals, rather than splitting it…

Besides, to have paper candidacies, we’d need paper candidates, and we only have two candidates anyway. You two.

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Maybe @PaulJRobinson too if he’s up for it?

Yeah that could work, @Floppy.

OK. Where I am, nominations close on 4th April: http://www2.westsussex.gov.uk/ds/elections/electiontimetablemay17.pdf

That gives us 41 days as of time of writing (countdown clock here). So, we need to get a crowdfunding campaign up and running as soon as possible. Does anyone want to take the lead on the fundraising campaign, and have that be their singular Something New focus for the next 6 weeks?

I’ve got a load of discussions to have with other parties in that time about joint candidacies, candidates to find, and a few other things at the strategic level, so if someone else can manage the fundraising campaign, that would be very helpful.

You know, I’m happy to do whatever. I’ll probably put myself to work on something that I deem useful, but what do you think managing the fundraising campaign entails? I assume you mean launching a crowdfunding page and promoting it, ensuring that we meet the target and that it is pushed out to the right people. If so, I’m happy to do at least some of that.

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That’s basically it, yeah.

Hi all,
Newbie here, but I like to thank Andrew for inviting me to look at become a candidate for my local area. I am in Basingstoke area and nominations close on the same day.
What can I do to help?


Welcome Sonya! It’s great that you’re interested in becoming a candidate.

At the moment we don’t have a formal process for deciding candidates, so assuming you’re on board with our principles, declaring your intention to stand here is all you need to do :slight_smile:

If @andrewdwilliams is still keen on organising the crowd funding campaign campaign I guess that means we have another £600 to try and get :tada: woop!

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I don’t think I have much choice now @philipjohn ;). I’m going to make a 2017 Elections hub thread-thing and pin it on here, with all the useful information easily linked, etc. Our third 2017 election thread.

Great idea. I’ll do what I can to help!

I have just gone over them again and surprised by how much I agree with the manifesto.
However, I do feel that there appears to be one area missing from it and that’s Social Care! An area, that I have previous experience of, having worked and trained as a Social Worker for both a London authority and a County one. Is there a thread in which I should be discussing this? I believe that social care should be linked to health care, in order to provide a more holistic approach for our community.