Elections this May


Honestly, I would’ve thought a policy as sensible as that was in our manifesto already! Of course, we’d love you to contribute to the manifesto in any way you can, especially in your area of expertise.

There are two ways I suggest you could go about it: either, start a new topic on this Discourse and flesh out your ideas on the subject - one of us will take these and propose them in the manifesto. Or if you’re feeling particularly technologically competent, go to the Health page on the manifesto, click on the top right button ‘Suggest a change’ and follow the process.


Hi @sonya, welcome, and great news that you’re interested in candidacy. Yes, please, social care would definitely be a great thing to have in the manifesto - I think it’s only missing because nobody who’s been involved so far knows much about it, so YES please :slight_smile:

As @andrewdwilliams suggests, please go ahead and suggest the change yourself - that way you get voting rights and we can properly reflect your contribution.


I am also happy to stand, I agree with other members in saying I have a low level of victory. I would also feel better if I was a paper candidate. It starts the voters thinking about the party. Then a bigger push next time


I’ve sent you a message with some extra detail. Even as a paper candidate, there is a commitment to paperwork, but most of that we can help you with. Like I said, without the £600 or so we suggested is necessary, all that means is you won’t have the 5000 glossy leaflets to give to people in your ward. It doesn’t mean that you can’t get involved in community events, write to the newspaper, or just photocopy some very basic leaflets to hand out. How much you do is up to you. I’ll add you to the list at the Election HQ though, and welcome on board!


Thank you @Pandy - it’s great to have you with us :slight_smile:


Should we talk to PPUK (and others) about trying to avoid standing against each other (as unlikely as that is) in May?


Getting in touch would be great, bearing in mind how unlikely it is that we are standing in the same wards, though.


Very true but we’d effectively be forming an alliance/pact. Hopefully a small starting point for bigger things in 3 years time :wink:


I’m mid-conversation with David on exactly that. I’ve reached out to other parties as well, though not had much response from our usual friends - I suspect most are not bothering with council elections.


I figured you already would be :slight_smile: