EUref: Final week push

I’m working on some blog posts that hopefully will be legible enough to go up.

I’m also considering sitting on the FB/Twitter in the evenings in the run up to - and on - referendum day to spread some positive Remain messages.

Any objections, or volunteers to help?!

I’ll help! And yes, content push would be excellent.

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I’ll have a branch open on the website repo soon with some first drafts. They’ll need improvement!


Really struggling with this one. I know what I’m trying to say, but it’s not really happening :frowning:

I’ve got one here as well:

@philipjohn if you open a PR for each post, we can put comments on there?

Both those posts are really great @philipjohn. On the shared humanity one, I think it might be worth leaving it as short and punchy - maybe lose the last paragraph about international corporations, it’s a bit of a distraction unless we fill it out a lot further? It’s touched on in the
future of nations post, if that helps.

Thanks for the feedback!

I smartened that one up and submitted a PR:

Perhaps we should merge that this evening.

Also and

Popped the first one up and I’ll do the other two over the next two days. I think I’ll do 5 early on Thursday morning :slight_smile:

Just came across this: Some nice shareable images on there we could include when tweeting, etc (with attribution of course).

Also might make useful header picture for posts.