EUref IN campaign

Assuming we are campaigning for IN :wink:

Some thoughts:

  • a “slogan”? Perhaps “We’re in! Are you?”
  • Window stickers for our windows :slight_smile: Perhaps just our logo, next to the Flag of Europe with “IN” placed within the stars
  • Avatar overlays
  • Site banners (you know, those diagonal things)
  • Laptop stickers (probably should have general SN ones, too)

Some of these (e.g. stickers) obviously cost money. We could perhaps have generic non-SN ones that we can sell online for anyone to buy? I don’t know what electoral rules we’ll then come up against.

Also, are we going to try and join one of the larger campaign groups?

That could work. There might be referendum campaigning rules to comply with yes, I can look into that. But, I wonder if that might be best done by allying with a large campaign (stronger in, perhaps?) unless we have a unique viewpoint.

Also might be worth aligning ourselves to DiEM25.

Do we know anyone at Better In we could talk to?

You mean Stronger In, or is that another? I’m sure we can find someone. But we could start by openly endorsing the In campaigns and DiEM 25 (about which I continue to hear encouraging things).

Sorry, yes, I mean Stronger In :slight_smile:

Yep - agree endorsing others we agree with would be good! I’m satisfied with DiEM 25 already