Falklands Sovereignty

Unsurprisingly, Falklands sovereignty is back in the news following a report from a UN Commission that expands Argentina’s territorial waters. The report does not encompass the Falklands, however, so essentially it’s a non-news story. Nevertheless, now might be a good time to come up with a Falklands policy, perhaps to tie in with a large Overseas Territories policy.

I’m a big fan of looking after the BOTs, but not so much that I think we should blindly hold onto them. I think our first point must be an endorsement of self-determination and their right to self-determination. First and foremost, we must listen to the wishes of inhabitants, and also devolve as much power to them as possible (whilst retaining things like defence and foreign policy, which is the usual practice currently).

But because of this stance, we must have a no-nonsense policy towards countries like Spain and Argentina that would want to occupy the Overseas Territories against the wishes of their inhabitants. This doesn’t mean that dialogue would be impossible, it just means we wouldn’t do anything if the inhabitants didn’t agree to it.

Thoughts? I’m happy to put this into the manifesto in one form or another if people are happy with it.

Seems a good thing to include in the manifesto. We do have some BOT stuff in there covering Chagos (which I think you wrote, actually), so happy to have more. We can discuss the pros and cons of your proposal in the discussion on the manifesto :slight_smile:

Yeah, I was part way through typing this and thought that this really ought to go on the manifesto, as it’s a policy thing more than a general discussion point about the party. So I’ll get this added.

Oo. I seem to have hit on a problem. I tried to make the alterations but when I got to the “https://githubeditor.herokuapp.com/commit” stage it popped up with: “We’re sorry, but something went wrong. If you are the application owner check the logs for more information.”

I’m not sure what’s going on there, but it looks like it won’t let me make alterations to the manifesto.

Uh oh, sorry! I’ll take a look.

Fixed, should work now. It was only a problem for those of us who could push directly to the main respository, hence why @EhmAyWithE managed it the other day :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, it still appears I’m hitting a problem. It popped up with the same error message.

Hmm - getting slightly offtopic of the post here, but can you try clearing your cookies for the site and trying again? It might be a login session thing.