Flux: liquid democracy party in Australia


Looks like they are building liquid democracy blockchain technology as well: https://voteflux.org/


No voting system yet built, but they are planning to release it open source: https://twitter.com/Floppy/status/700976642257252354


Is it worth us networking with parties in different countries that we’d personally align with politically? This could be an advantage particularly with making a joint front in EU nations for EU reform and pushing our representatives across the continent. We could make joint projects and campaign days that coincide with each other for if and when the reformist ideal gathers support.


Also it would make us a more credible option in subsequent elections. :slight_smile:


This is something I’ve looked at before. Let me see if I can rustle up any previous research I did on this front.


@Edward_Caplen yep, definitely interested in building international bridges. @andrewdwilliams there is a category for friends and allies on here, so make each one a separate topic, perhaps. I’ll do the same.