Free movement Petition


I am planning to produce a petition to help free movement stay within the United Kingdom. This is because I beleive the United Kingdom will be weaker if we not have free movement, due to being able to trade and having people from all experts being able to work and make a better United kingdom. if you are interested to help please e mail me on.

E mail: [email protected]


I don’t believe this is the place for petitions.
I for one, am totally opposed to uncontrolled free movement for a variety of reasons including terrorist threats and will never support it.
However, I respect your right to believe otherwise. I would suggest ,however that you set up a petition on, or a similar petitioning site.
It would be more appropriate and the tools are already there to get it off the ground with the minimum of fuss.
There are other petitioning sites set up already that you could also use . Best wishes and good luck.



Thank you very much for your message and I do take consideration to everyone’s opinions. Wherever you voted we must respect the vote. I am campaigning to keep free movement because it opens a lot of opportunity for young people like myself and I personally believe that other generations had the opportunity to move freely. I am campaigning to keep free movement but under new ways. People can come here to work as they have a right to as we go there to work. I understand the situation with terrism why I would ask for checks on people with thier passports. I finally believe people should be able to go on holiday without needing a visa. I have now started a petition on change.

Thank you



This is Aled’s petition if anyone wants to sign. Completely optional, of course, we know not everyone on the forum agrees.


thank you

hope this goes well.