Free Parliament


I was pointed to yesterday - name sounds familiar hey @philipjohn? Anyway, they are a campaign talking about funding Independents who go through local primaries, which is a lovely idea. However, with the snap election, obviously that’s a bit tricky.

I’ve got in touch with them, laying out our stall to say basically “we believe what you do, MPs should be independent”, and (because time is short) asked outright if they’d consider putting some funding our way. No idea if it’ll get us anywhere, but worth a crack :slight_smile:


I saw that tweet too and took a look. Definitely had to look twice at the name :smiley:

Yeah, will be interested to see what they say. The whole concept is really interesting, and made me wonder if we have anything explicit on “party loyalty” and independence of our candidates.


We do, yes: Though that’s not well-linked and needs to go into (a) the constitution or something and (b) the FAQ page.


Bah! I need to re-read everything!