Fundamental Issues


I am a huge fan of your work to push an open manifesto scheme. I do think our political system needs “Something New” in order for it to remain relevant.

But I do not think you are taking the right steps to get there.

Firstly, your website is atrocious. It isn’t inspiring and it is quite clunky and outdated. The openness of the manifesto and the ease of navigation is fine - most political parties do not have such clear access. However, the design - especially the large globe full of colours - looks unappealing to prospective members. It doesn’t seem inviting enough. I think for such a bold idea the website needs to seem bold! Needs to have a clear message from the get-go about how you can mould and create policies, it’s an exciting message that can be shown through colours and shapes. It is also a scary prospect for many, they do not like to have the power to make these decisions, that’s why visiting a plain black/white website with far too much text and bleak images does not inspire use and creation. The fact you offer locally tuned policies that most websites wouldn’t feature is great, but there isn’t enough focus on what you can do for a local ward. How exactly can that benefit people? Needs to be clearer.

Secondly, your brand image could do with a rethink. I get the symbolism of going against the grain using plain colours and not having a main logo. But did you ask TUSC if you could use their logo design? It’s important to note to many voters black is not a welcoming colour - symbolising anarchy rather than the ability to create your own politics.

Thirdly, where’s your campaigning? As a party you’re putting national candidates up for General Elections but there’s no sign throughout the year of what they’re actually doing - sure you have a news page but where’s all the hard work STN is doing? If they are doing anything at all? Even when not in Government it is important for a political party to showcase and lobby what the public want, you of all parties should understand this - your manifesto can be built by the people! You’re in a unique position to not only showcase what you’re doing but also put a firm message in that what you’re doing is FOR the people.

So far this seems like an idea, not a political party and we need to work together to make it a success. It needs fine-tuning - more focus all year round and a re-think of the visual style throughout the website. It needs to be inviting to the electorate instead of looking like every other second rate party. The fact people can’t even join as members is astonishing?

Any feedback on what I really believe is wrong with this party at the moment? Too much focus in all the wrong places, too little input from leadership and candidates seem too focused on the elections.

PS How can you be expected to win a seat in an election when nobody knows who you are on the ground? Needs a big rethink.

Good concept; bad execution… So far!

This could be your chance to snatch all the lost Labour voters - don’t lose this change and make your mark!



Thanks for the detailed feedback, and basically, I agree. We are running this with the bare minimum of time and people at the moment, and the fact that we’ve got this far is down to a lot of work from a few individuals giving up their time freely. So, with that in mind:

  • Website: yes. It’s been built by me, and while we’ve gone through many design and content iterations (you would have truly hated it a year ago) we’re still nowhere near good enough. We need designers, web developers and UX experts on board to help build something better.

  • Brand: Maybe; again, having brand and communications experts on board would massively help here. Not quite sure what you mean about the TUSC - that we should ask to use it, or that we accidentally have?

  • Campaigning: so far we have been focused on specific election campaigns. We simply don’t have the bandwidth to do more work on the ground and get campaigning in person, so other than that we’ve been raising awareness on social media, but not been able to do more. But yes, we do need to do more.

  • You’re right that it’s an idea; we’re in the startup phase of this, and we have a lot of work to do.

  • If you can clarify “too little input from leadership” that would be great.

  • On the “how can you win a seat in an election when nobody knows you are on the ground”. We’ve worked damn hard in all the elections we’ve contested, and made sure that everyone in the areas we’ve stood in has had our pitch - more than many of the more major parties we’ve run against in those areas (i.e. Green). We don’t have a national voice, no, but to be perfectly frank, we are currently a small bunch of volunteers with day jobs and families trying to get something off the ground, so I think we do OK.

Anyway, thanks for all that! We need to do everything bigger and better, and we’re trying to build early adopters and get some momentum up so that we can, but it’s a constant struggle. If you’d like to help on any of that, stuff, please, let’s keep talking :slight_smile:


Would you ever consider paying for the website? I honestly think there needs to be constant campaigning on the parties behalf in order to stay relevant; otherwise it could seem as though you only care about elections. I understand there’s limited time and resources, but sometimes Politics demands more than you can offer.

In terms of the public website there doesn’t seem to be a clear message. You’ve the manifesto but what specifically do you want to focus on from the manifesto? Where’s the leadership promoting a clear message/target throughout the site? Obviously I don’t know the inner-workings of the party and how much input you have but from a public stance (the electorate) there doesn’t seem to be a stance.

I can’t say I’m an expert in web design or communication experts but I have a large social circle of skilled professionals - I will get in contact and see what I can.

Is this any clearer? :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s a really good point, and one of thought about many times (we’ve also revised the home page because of this over and over). My instant reaction would be to say “reforming our democracy” but that’s not very sexy and - in order to get better at many of the things you rightly point out - we really need to recruit more supporters. I’m not convinced “proportional representation” and “constitutional reform” are going to get people hooked :smiley:

What do you think our focus should be?

how much input you have

Little :slight_smile: Which is why your feedback is so welcome!

I will get in contact and see what I can.

Yes, yes, yes! We need folks who believe in what we’re trying to do and happy to help us do it.


Certainly the democratic reform message does go over, and it’s only going to grow. But we do have to have a wider vision as well for what a reformed society looks like. Too much politics is short term about what you’re going to do, not WHY you believe it’s the right thing to do. I think if we can communicate that properly, it could be powerful.


From just a quick think - you need something snappy that you reference like “Play-doh Politics”; not sure how that would work with play-doh being a business of course. In terms of manifesto you should focus just how NEW some of the ideas are compared to normal parties - the mixture of left and right and how appealing it can be for everyone; because it’s made BY everyone. Really focus on the personal aspects of it but using visual metaphors (such as SHAPING your own world) to make it seem friendly and appealing.

I’m still trying to get through to people. Definitely need to inject some fresh blood into this; not that you guys aren’t already doing a good job. Inject some life into the Facebook page through memes etc. appeal to the young; they’re craving for political change or in other words, Something New :slightly_smiling_face:

Not sure if I’m being 100% clear


Nice idea, giving everyone the power to shape and mould politics in a way they couldn’t before. Nice metaphor. Might work well in a video, especially.


Would like I develop this idea further. Without sounding like I’m getting ahead of myself would seriously like to be involved in this party.

Let me know if there’s anything I can help with. Currently a politics student at university. Thanks


Great to hear @LiamC; there’s no more than what you see though, so in terms of being involved, this forum (and the manifesto) is the place at the moment. Start new discussions, propose new ideas, just throw in anywhere you feel like it. As I’ve said, there’s no roadmap yet, so we’re all making it up as we go along. :slight_smile: