I want to add a section on the website that tells the story of the future as Something New sees it. Sort of an inspirational “what are we working towards” vision. I’ll start working on it, but obviously it’s not just my vision. What are the positive things you think the future should hold, if we do everything right?

Some ideas:

  • full automation and basic income
  • free access to education for all
  • rich democratic participation
  • free and equal citizens
  • global cooperation
  • enough sustainable energy, food, and water for all

  • Global society/end of the nation state
  • Technological augmentation, primarily for health benefits
  • Interplanetary travel and colonisation

How far were you thinking? :wink:


Plenty far; all that is in scope. I wondered if someone would write space colonisation without me prompting :wink:


I believe we should aim forward an implementation of term limits, of both Prime ministers and parliament members, this system helps to keep politics fresh, prevent corruption and bring new people, with new ideas to the system, for example we can limit the prime minister for up to two terms, parliament member up to four, and have another two term break before being able to get elected again


That’s a nice short-term one that would go well in the manifesto, I think! You could propose it at https://somethingnew.org.uk/manifesto/elections if you like; I think it’s been discussed before unsuccessfully, but there’s no reason not to look at it again. It’s certainly something I’d support.


I shall propose it now