Futurology posts

So, I’ve done a couple of “futurology” type posts, envisioning the sort of future we think is coming, and how our ideas tie into it. What do people think? Is this a useful sort of communication, or is it too over the heads of the people we need to appeal to? Will it help bring in our first few passionate supporters with a strong vision, or will it make us look stupid?

All thoughts welcome. The posts themselves:

These are very nice blog posts, and I enjoyed them. No doubt others will, too.

However, in my opinion, the brand of this party needs to be hyper-curated to be perceived as sensible. Any hint of guesswork and people will dismiss us as dreamers (along with all the other minor parties). Already, the words Utopia and future are too distant. More emphasis on “a new politics is overdue” and “democracy in the digital age”.

Of course, as the degree of automation increases, we will be able to step more into that narrative.

Personally I really like these. They stand out and make us different. And we are all about the ‘new’ after all.

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They are fantastic - I love them