GE2017: Candidates


State your intent to stand by adding your name and constituency here. Please don’t post anything else so we can use this as a definitive list. If you want to discuss things, use the master thread.

If you do intend to stand, once you’ve put it here, contact your local returning officer asap and let them know. They will then include you in mailouts of relevant information, invite you to meetings, etc. Be nice to them, they’re in charge and no doubt having a stressful time :slight_smile:

Then, go and read the official guidance at It’s great, and should explain everything.

(@pandy @Aledcanter1234 can you get the ball rolling please, if you’re definitely in?)


OK, here goes my announcement:

Name: James Smith
Constituency: Horsham

GE2017: HQ Thread
GE2017: HQ Thread

Name; Nick Scales
Constituency; Newton Abbot


All candidates that have expressed an interest in standing will have got an email from @floppy on Saturday and me on Sunday - please can you reply to that email so that we can start the process of getting you authorised under the Something New banner?




So with around 5 weeks to go , who actually is definitely standing in the General Election on June 8th , and what area’s ?

The info will be helpful so a push can be made to gather some Volunteer Candidate Assistants ideally within the same local authority area as a Candidate !


Yes, thanks for pointing that out. We’d confirmed our candidates but hadn’t updated here. They are:

Just the two, but that’s okay.


I’ll work on updating the website.


I see no reason why the campaign cant go global, please let me know the second the press release goes out and I can capitalise on that short window of focus to bump theough a number of sympathwtic networks


Just updated the data submodule so it’s showing on the main site now. Lewis’s picture needs cropping I think, but it’s there:


Picture fixed, and that page now also links through to campaign pages for each constituency.

@Lewis_Sturrock yours doesn’t have text on at the moment, but you can add it to (assuming you’re OK with GitHub - if not let us know and someone can help).