GE2017 committee meeting


OK, it will help if we get our emergent ge2017 committee together for a live conversation. We will do it one evening this week - please fill in the doodle poll at to choose a time. The meeting will be online at Anyone can join, of course.

So far the committee is:

The other role I’ve got in mind is the volunteer coordinator, but that’s unfilled at the moment.

Quick role descriptions:

Strategy: coordination with other parties, policy coordination, opening relationships with potential candidates or funders, getting membership working, and reporting to the electoral commission, and generally keeping the wheels on, :slight_smile:

Fundraising coordinator: running the crowdfunding sites, and promoting them through social media and mailing lists as much as humanly possible, until you’re utterly sick of them. We need to raise around £1500 per candidate to do this right, in a very short space of time.

Communications coordinator: More general social media and press comms; get the message out. Will have a crossover with fundraising, but will also lead wider things like attempting to spread viral comms, awareness raising, etc.

Candidate coordinator: Make sure all the candidates know what they’re doing, and that they do it correctly and legally. Will need to make sure they get their nominations in properly, and work on leaflet design and approval from Royal Mail. Also make sure they’re keeping all their spending information so we can report it and don’t break the rules (only the Tories are allowed to that apparently).

Volunteer coordinator (unfilled): When people come to us wanting to help, make sure we give them something useful to do. As simple at that, while at the same time really hard and something I’ve never managed to do effectively.


Looks like maybe tonight or Friday then folks?


I’m going to say my “if need be” for Friday can be a “Yes” :slight_smile: Let’s do Friday 8:30pm then?


Oh, I hadn’t seen all the notifications. OK, Friday it is. Yay!

(@CharlieDelMonte you wanted to know when this was, but I think you’re unavailable)


My phone started dying towards the end of that so apologies for the cutting out!

I made some notes;

James S and James H to talk about candidates tasks tomorrow
Crowdpac should launch this weekend - PR to local and national press (Phil)
Phil will do trello boards to organise the mammoth number of tasks
Phil to check Royal Mail deadlines and coordinate mailings for each candidate
James H to check candidates are "sane"
James S to check in with Kevin about crowdpac
James S to prime Paul for doing nomination forms

What does everyone think about making this a regular (weekly) call to run through what we’ve achieved each week and what’s up next?


Those notes match with mine :slight_smile:

A regular call is a great idea, possibly more frequent in the next couple fo weeks leading up to the 11th?



Hi all. Sorry for missing this. I had noted down 2130 on my dairy, so only opened my laptop a couple of mins ago :cold_sweat:

RE Crowdpac: all set-up. @Floppy just need to meet with you about bank account details, after that’s done - and we go live.

Going to get some sharable graphics sorted over the next couple of days for social media accounts. Including downloadable content. Maybe even phone backgrounds (cos why not? :grin:)

I’m good for making it a regular meet (I’ll actually be there next week) - again apologies!


Yes, definitely a regular meet would be a good idea. Does that time work for people on a regular basis, or would it be better to move to another day? I know some people have lives and Fridays are apparently when such things happen… :slight_smile:


Says the man who was IN A PUB :joy:

Friday 8:30pm works for me. I’m sure I can try and beat back the tidal wave of social event invites I ge…oh no, wait, I must be recalling a previous life. :neutral_face:


I’ve done a calendar thing and invited you all - hopefully you’ll get that. I need it so I remember :slight_smile:

I’ve also included 9th June - let’s use that one has a review of how the campaign went, how we did and what we think we could/should change next time to do better.


Perfect. It’s probably sensible to invite @PaulJRobinson and @andrewdwilliams as well, to come if they want to. We should probably carry on the slot after as a weekly party meeting anyway.


I can’t make the Friday meeting this week, as I’m off for the weekend for an event and will be busy on the Friday evening with the intro session. I’ll be checking in over the weekend though, so I won’t be completely offline.


Meant to say before but obviously let’s still do the meeting and run through what we’ve done this week and what we’re going to get done next week.

@Floppy If you have the time, could you pop a quick overview of your week gone/upcoming and we can think about what we need to help you with, or if other candidates need to adopt something you’ve done/are doing. Thanks!


Here you go:

  • Local elections done with, waiting for results. I will update the site over the weekend when I have them for all elections we were in. I walked about 40km delivering leaflets and my feet hurt :slight_smile:
  • Bank account is all set up, and has money in it which needs disbursing for the local election campaigns. Phil, I’ll read up how correctly to do that before I do so, but then get back to you. I imagine some sort of expense claim will be needed.
  • I’ve not started my nomination forms here yet, but I should be able to get them sorted on Sunday night and hand them in Monday. I’m an old hand now and these are pretty easy to get signed :slight_smile:
  • We need to push the crowdfunder hard; @KevinK, as we have only two candidates, we could drop the target to £3500 - that’s about the minimum we’ll need to raise, and it will make the percentages look better.
  • Next big thing is the leaflet design. I suggest we use basically the same design as last time (the indesign files are in the shared file area), but update the wording for me and make a new version for @Lewis_Sturrock. I’d rather we could approach it completely fresh, but I don’t think we have time. Of course, if Lewis would like to do something different, that’s fine.
  • I’m talking to other parties to get aligned, but again I don’t think we’re going to have time to do much more than coming up with a list of recommended candidates we can endorse, like we did before.
  • Next week, at the strategic level, I want to launch membership and get a volunteer pathway in place for onboarding people properly, so that we can grab as much interest as we can during the election campaign, and keep it.
  • I’m a bit behind on all the Trello boards etc, but I’ll try to get up to date with everything tonight, so it should all be fine by the meeting.


Oh, two more things:

  • @geeksareforlife can you check that our candidates are listed properly on the I’ll get the details up on our site tonight.
  • @philipjohn there are “position” tags available on the Facebook page - want to look at adding some of our manifesto ideas to it? I guess it’s a thing for “political” pages, might make us more discoverable?


Happy to - IIRC you use your personal twitter? Have you got a facebook page up for Horsham yet?



I was wondering about that - perhaps something to talk about tomorrow. Last time, we had constituency-specific twitter and Facebook accounts, but we found it just diluted the message, the likes, followers etc. While we’re only at two candidates, I don’t think there’s any point separating things, personally.

I will use my personal twitter for the campaign anyway, yes; I’m pretty wedded to this thing :wink:


Was there a little sigh of relief when you typed “Local Elections Done With” :slight_smile:


Only for my poor aching feet :slight_smile:

Another thought for today, or over the weekend. When we have the local election results, let’s do a mailout to the mailing list showing our performance, and then drive people to the crowdpac page for the next round. @philipjohn, you OK to do that with your comms hat on? I generally just clone a previous campaign and edit from there, but feel free to do whatever makes sense :slight_smile:


Yes, great idea - will do!