GE2017 committee meeting


Cool, with 2 candidates that a good shout. Contacted James at Crowdpac to reduce our goal/target - and he replied whilst writing this - it’s done :smiley:

Re local social media accounts, I agree. I think it’ll just dilute our message. But it would be great if we could get both candidates tweeting off of the main account, then signing off with J or L maybe? (we can add what that means in the twitter description) This is quite common practice.

Speak to you all tonight (I’ll actually be there this time!)


Ugh, I keep forgetting to share my marketing “plan”:

Still refining, already doing some stuff, but want to get people’s thoughts tonight if possible. I’ve included the single FB thing, because that actually makes a lot of sense.


Great and straight to point !


I didn’t do notes, but here’s what I remember (after having had a beer, watched a poor Steve Coogan movie, and had a good night’s sleep);

  • We each ran through the previous week, and what’s coming up next week.
  • @philipjohn shared the comms plan, which folks seemed to think was good (thanks :slight_smile: )
  • @KevinK has set up the Crowdpac and is scheduling lots of social media shouting about it
  • @geeksareforlife has been making sure our candidates are getting stuff sorted - all on track
  • @geeksareforlife has set up the store which is fantastic
  • @philipjohn will add the store to the website and start promoting it
  • @philipjohn will send out a message to the mailing list about the local results, Crowdpac and call for volunteers
  • @KevinK is going to get started on the leaflet design and shareables
  • @philipjohn is going to check we have RM leaflets tasks scheduled


Okay, just sent an e-mail out. Not the best time to do it, but I thought sooner rather than later was better.


As is traditional, one of us must miss the meeting.

I’m afraid it is me this week, sorry! I will be on a residential trip with 50 Year 6 kids :expressionless:


  • We have two candidates! Or least we seem to - I will not be happy until the returning officers publish the list of candidates :slight_smile:
  • Both candidates are moving forward really well - trello is getting a lot of use!

I’m assuming that by not being there I will get lots of actions - looking forward to it!



Oh, quiet night in then…?

Yes, I’m impatiently refreshing the council websites!


:slight_smile: weekend - I am there until Monday!


The officialness is out there. @Floppy and @Lewis_Sturrock are both on the ballot! I was amused, however, to see:

Stick Sturrock - Something New

Stick?! Nickname @Lewis_Sturrock?


hmmm, I didn’t see that on his nomination papers


Yup, right here:


Yeah, sorry guys, they just asked me if there was name i was better known by, so i said i have a nickname but i dont really think thats ideal. I presumed it would go in brackets or something put they have sustituted it for my name.


That’s alright - if people you know you by that name, it’s good!


Stick it to the man, lol


Did anyone get follow up from olivia at bbc three? I’m gonna follow up 2morro


I didn’t, and had considered nudging, but then couldn’t be arsed.


I phoned her and she’s scheduled for monday, she says there is another project we might like to be involved in as well :slight_smile:


How’d it go @Lewis_Sturrock?


Hi all, I’m going away today till Monday so will have to miss the meeting tonight.
Anything important I might be able pick up on my phone, but will be in the Brecon Beacons so not sure what my signal will be like. But I’ll be catching up on Tuesday!


No problem @kevink. @geeksareforlife are you around this week? And also @Lewis_Sturrock would you like to join us? Probably makes sense…