GE2017 committee meeting


I am indeed!

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If I don’t appear it’s because the local history book launch I’m at is running into meeting time - but I’ll try to be there!


When, what, how, guessing I missed the VC guys.

When’s the next one?



Every Friday at 2030, but it may be useful to have an extra one in these final 2 weeks?


Anyone joining tonight? :slight_smile:


Sorry, my laser cutter inductions ran over! I take it you’ve dropped off now?


Oh bollocks (now publicly stated as my favourite swearword, on the Facebook Q&A), I totally forgot. Was at a family disco with the kids.

Everything is pretty under control, I’ve started campaigning directly now, on social media and should get into town tomorrow. The big problem is fundraising - we just need to push and push on that. There are a few things on my mind but I’ll pop them in other threads, don’t need to collect it all here.


I’m there now for this weeks’ meeting, but there’s not a lot to coordinate, so don’t worry if you don’t make it. Main things are just to coordinate comms and fundraising over the next week @philipjohn & @KevinK. For @Lewis_Sturrock and I it’s just about answering messages of various sorts, I imagine.


Hi all. Good luck to everyone (both here and in the UK generally) for the results of today! It’s an important one!!

I am going on holiday tomorrow for a week and then come back for 6 days before going off to do research for my thesis. So, I will be unable to continue my regular post scheduling and contributions. I will obviously be around (virtually) to help out, but it may take me much longer to respond. I have been really encouraged by the enthusiasm of everyone running up to this General Election and in the Local Elections before it. Anything for us is a win (well, I can think of one example which wouldn’t be…)

As for a handover of the fundraising. I will say this. We’re short on money! Although hitting £1,073 isn’t bad, so good work all. We do need to get more, however.

My inclination would be to stop the current crowdfunder we’ve got on Crowdpac and start a new one. Starting maybe after all the social media and news reporting has died down from the initial excitement - next Wednesday or so?

A fresh crowdfunder would be good so it does not just look as a left-over thing that people ignore. It also shows we’re dedicate to moving forwards. An email to our mailing list saying something like, “You got us this far, help us fund the next part…” (couldn’t think of a neat idea :thinking:) might work well to get people supporting a regular donation? Obviously we must be clear that we’re still covering out GE2017 expenditure (if we are), but explaining how that can take us forward.

I feel this election could be the tipping point for big party Politics. Especially if labour don’t win, and then split as Noam Chomsky says they should (well, he said they are internally conflicting and are really two separate parties). We should be ready to step up to the challenge.

I shall leave that there. Good Luck all! Let’s hope the future brings us Something New!

(@Floppy I won’t be able to make the count tonight as I have to be up from 9 am tomorrow till Saturday night travelling, so don’t particularly want to be awake for 36 hours!!)


Thanks Kevin! And thanks for everything you’ve done over the last couple of months!

I like this idea.

We might need to check where we stand on electoral law with this - as I understand it we have to report donations, and I’m wondering if we have to tie them to the election campaign, or if it’s just general donations?


I’m working this out at the moment (how party donations relate to campaign, and so on)


I actually made it tonight - anyone joining me?


I am already in bed, so no :slight_smile:


Ha! Don’t blame you! I managed to get about 3hrs during the day today, so I’m still going… for now.


I think now the campaign is over, we can drop this slot (it wasn’t great for everyone anyway). I’ll schedule a retrospective and a regular meeting slot that we can publicise to all. Thanks for your hard work, GE2017 team :smiley: