GE2017: Fundraising


We will need to do fundraising both for the party and for candidates. I’m in touch with Crowdpac to get us set up on there. I expect they’ll be doing a big publicity push, esp as people like Aaron Banks are going to be using it.

We’ll need to raise central and candidate funds, and raise at least £500 * number_of_candidates to cover deposits, then probably another £1200 per candidate for leaflets. Last time we raised £1500 in Horsham and £750 on SW Surrey, which wasn’t enough.

Also, we need a volunteer to act as a fundraising coordinator and take the lead on this through the campaign.


As no one else has volunteered for this role, I have started working on this front.

My aim is to deliver an initial plan (budget incl.) by Friday, with a hope that it can be finalised by Tuesday (25th). Then start delivering.

Tentative objectives of fundraising campaign (suggestions/additions welcome):

  1. Raise money
  2. Increase party awareness & membership

Re social media platforms: who do I need to talk to, to gain access, and is there an email address that I can use (e.g. [email protected] or similar)?

GE2017: Marketing & Comms

Crazy idea: target £975,000 (£1,500 x 650 constituencies). We can tell people we want to challenge every party in every area. Coupled with being the only party fighting to Remain in the EU, it could be powerful. Obviously we won’t get all that money, but the boldness, if we can spread the message far enough could generate a good amount of donations.

@KevinK I’ve signed myself up to do comms so let’s work together on that part around the crowdfunding.


Find my draft Fundraising Plan here. If there are any suggestions please, comment, add, etc.

Particularly excited about maybe running some events within local constituencies: further development of the idea is needed & budget would need to be looked at.


Nice one - I’m getting us set up on Crowdpac this weekend with a party-general fundraiser, then we can do candidate-specific ones later on when we know who’s definitely in.


It’s important to have consistency of imagery.

Before going live I’ll get some content for website/social media platforms/Crowdpac site together so we can have a consistent & unified launch.


I’ll get the credentials to you as soon as we’re set up.


@KevinK actually, do you want to set up Crowdpac for us, seeing as I’m racing to finish my job this week, and it makes sense for you to own it from the start? I’ll send over the conversation I’ve had with them so far if you want to take over.


Absolutely! :wink: Good luck on your last week!!


We definitely need to try and speak to Gina Miller then:


Oh wow!! Hmmm…

“the money would be given directly to candidates believed to have a chance of defeating politicians supporting Theresa May’s hard Brexit strategy”

definitely us :sunglasses:


That bit could be an issue this time round, but we should have a chat with them. The deal seems to be the same as More United, but with slightly different criteria. I’ll see if I can get an intro.