GE2017: HQ Thread


So this is happening. We need candidates. Post here if you’re interested in standing.


Hahaha we both had the same thought :wink: I deleted my thread.

We also need money. Start a crowdfunder now? How about our friends at Crowdpac(?)


I was already considering holding a meetup in Lichfield for the local election campaign, so I’ll do that and it can serve as a recruitment drive too.

Some other suggestions (not all entirely serious):

  • Find someone to stand in Theresa May’s constituency
  • Find someone to stand in David Davis’ constituency
  • Find someone with lots of money to bankroll our campaign
  • Start a crowd funding campaign
  • Do something to get young people voting
  • Go overtly ant-Brexit as a party
  • Find people to stand in as many marginals as we can


I actually have enough signatures, I can get the nomination form in very quick this time. I have been working hard. I can likely help with half my costs. Need to speak to the wife about it.


Let’s use this as a catalyst to get an alliance going with other small parties.

  • Women’s Equality Party
  • Pirate Party
  • Whigs

Who else?


I’m more than happy to help design & run a promo campaign for the party…

Few initial suggestions:

  • Get some clean Hi-Res portraits of candidates
  • Short video explaining party
  • Promo video specific to June GE


Can we crowdsource candidates?


hi james,

I sent you an e mail. I would like to stand.


Great stuff @Pandy and @Aledcanter1234. I suggest you get in touch with your local returning officers asap to let them know you intend to stand. They’ll then let you know about all the relevant meetings etc. Better to get in touch early.

@philipjohn I’ll reach out to other parties to do exactly that. I’m also going to reach out to indie candidates from last time who were similar to us.

On strategy and comms, I have some thoughts, I’ll start another thread.



I have wanted the vote for an open source manifesto for some time. But no one has ever stood up here in the highlands. i would love to put my self forward. I am a University lecturer in both computing and the arts, do charitable outreach and have a background in finance and emergency networks. How could I find out more?


Great @Lewis_Sturrock! What constituency do you live in?

Here’s a short list of things to do as a first step:

  1. Make sure you’re registered to vote (I’m sure you are, but worth pointing out!)
  2. Contact your local returning officer. This person will work for your local council (here’s a list). Tell them you are considering standing and they will be able to help you with all the relevant information.
  3. You can also start reading the Electoral Commission’s guidance for GE candidates to make sure you’re aware of everything you need to do.
  4. If you’re not already familiar with it, read through the manifesto - you’ll be questioned on it by voters!


That’s great @Lewis_Sturrock @andrewdwilliams wrote us a handy guide to getting on the ballot, which you can find at The thing is focused on the local elections, but most of the information is the same. If you decide you’re definitely up for it, add yourself to the candidates list thread with your name and constituency.


@Pandy @Aledcanter1234 can you confirm you’re definitely up for it by popping your names and constituencies in the candidate thread at GE2017: Candidates please?


I’m in Newton Abbot constituency the home of UKIP Headquarters. - do you think it would be a worthwhile investment given it’s a safe Tory win?


It’s useful even to help promote our existence, @nbscales, so yes! If you’re up for it, add your name to this thread!


How about trying to find someone to stand in Buckingham against the speaker, John Bercow? Lib Dems already are, unlike 2015.


I am unable to stand as I am working flat out and I am self employed and couldn’t give up my fledgling company


No worries @pandy, that’s quite understandable :slight_smile:


Well I goto vote in my wards by-election on 4th May and gosh this snap general election really is fast paced !

I would be happy to stand in a local election within Sheffield (South Yorkshire) at a future date as I will be more familiar with Something New’s Manifesto.

However presently I am the elected Chairperson for my local TARA (Tenants & Residents Association) so I attend the TARA committee meeting once per month unless urgent matters crop and publicly chair our Annual General Meeting and also a yearly General Meeting besides the odd community engagement event, so am used to rubbing shoulders with my local councillors !

Also I am serving as an elected NHS Governor with the cities Health & Social Care NHS Foundation Trust, and I assure you it really is eye opening to see how things like the NHS is (well basically getting bullied under the present Tory Government ) My vision is to see the NHS revamped into it’s original ethos and of course be better funded, especially mental health service’s. Now I fully accept that with any government when it comes to funding services yes they need reserves for urgent funding of course.

But can I chuck out a question to you and I really would welcome your comments too.

As part of moving to a better political system ! to maybe a more “Compassionate” government then do you reckon Health Authorities throughout the UK should get at least a fair and equitable amount of funding specifically for Air Ambulances ?