GE2017: Leaders debates


The BBC just announce their televised debates:

  • 31 May - Seven-way debate between major parties
  • 2 June - May vs Corbyn
  • 4 June - Election questions to Leanne Wood & Election questions to Paul Nuttal
  • 5 June - Farron vs Sturgeon
  • 6 June - Newsbeat Youth debate

As with last year, I think it’d be good for @Floppy to try and answer the same questions nearly live, and we can broadcast those during the debates.

If you’re up for that again James, let’s use this thread to discuss how we’ll do it :slight_smile:


It amazes me that UKIP are still getting on these things. We have the same number of MPs (only kinda joking).

Anyway, yes, I’d be up for that, maybe we can do a slightly higher set of production values this time, if @kevink can help me with some filming :slight_smile:

What I did last time was as soon as it was finished, grab the video off youtube (or possibly iplayer), cut it up into the questions, quickly write my responses and paste it all together. I think it was out within about 3 hours, by midnight. But we could do something better and more live, perhaps with a youtube hangout on air?


Yup, absolutely able to help!

Could we team up with other parties to do our own debate?


That’s a nice idea. Would give us a nice way to engage with the other small ones, like WEP, NHA and the Pirates. I’ll suggest it to them.


Yeah, I was wondering about YouTube Live.

Perhaps a holding image while the questions are asked, and as soon as they are, the feed turns back on to you answering that question. You essentially answer at the same time as the candidates live on TV.


Sounds good, anyway to live stream across insta, youtube, and twitch?


Hmm not that I know of, but can certainly see what options there are.


And they only won one more council seat than us in the 2017 local elections.