GE2017: Marketing & Comms


This thread is for discussions around overall marketing campaign for the General Election.

Similar to the Fundraising thread, I will aim to deliver a marketing plan by Friday, and would like for it to be finalised by Tuesday (25th) in order to start delivering.

Tentative objectives (suggestions welcome):

  1. Get Constituents (+ general public) to know about Party (incl. Open Democracy Project)
  2. Get standing member’s Local Constituents to VOTE FOR Something New (or other independent??)


(and let’s see if we can get SN on the Crowdpac matchmaker party list!!)

Also: a video (or 2) is going to be a massive part of this!


Excellent stuff @KevinK :slight_smile:

I’m talking to Crowdpac at the moment about getting us on there for fundraising, so yes, I’ll find out about the vote matcher too. There is also positiondial, I’ll get in touch there too.


We should focus on the “less safe” constituencies, and especially those that voted Remain - these are the areas where our efforts can have more of an impact. I’ll work on putting that list together.

I’m thinking that as well as pro-Remain our messaging should highlight the failures in the economy relative to 2010. E.g.;

  • NHS crises
  • Public debt, deficit
  • Poverty
  • Reductions in funding
  • Income inequality
  • Tax changes


It’s also important to remember the core message of the party, about openness and collaboration being a better way of doing politics in the future. That really resonated with people I spoke to last time, moreso than the policies themselves. For those that listened, of course :slight_smile:


Yes, good point!

Just trying something cheeky:


What about the phrase, ‘A vote for Something New, is a Vote for a new EU’

(Or do I mean, ‘Something nEU’ :joy:)


OK, we’ve got Crowdpac up and running (, we’ve got @geeksareforlife nailing down our candidate list, and it’s all coming together.

I’d suggest that we aim to do a press release / launch on Tuesday morning, announcing our candidate list, fundraising, and basic platform information. Does that sound sane? @geeksareforlife @philipjohn @KevinK?


sounds like a good plan to me!


Should have had this prepared sooner, sorry - draft press release to send out today:

Please comment/suggest changes and then we can tailor it to each constituency and send to local media in those areas.


Great stuff @philipjohn, I’ve added a few suggestions, but generally it looks just fine.

@geeksareforlife how are we looking on confirmations?


Well, we have you confirmed so far.

I emailed everyone on Sunday and will chase today - hopefully everyone is back to normal now.



@philipjohn I would consider a focus on the cuts to Public Services which as resulted in some redundancies !
I think also a big one The Bedroom Tax


I wonder what the something new logo would look like with the UK flag instead ? :slight_smile: Sorry me being cheeky lol.
Actually though last few few days I have been wondering and maybe you want to start a thread on this:

How can the leavers be drawn in / encouraged , have their eyes and minds open to Some Thing New without giving them too much of a EU focus for the benefit of moving things forwards politically ?


Who’s in charge of the website? the logo is showing under the fibreoptics type picture on mobile, with the pink bar clashing. May I suggest we keep the Black and white theme with a top right Donate button in blue? similar to the reply button in this forum?

It may also be a good idea to remove some of the more divisive issues from the news page, as brexit has happened, we can be a bastion of co-operation and inclusiveness. I suggest we remove all the finger pointing and let the manifesto decide.

I do websites if anybody else would like to second me.

Also, up here the SNP are big, UK flag won;t play to them, but the UK federacy in the manifesto, and independent England does. An alternative to “English Rule” and to “SNP”.

I think the stand out issue is that everyone can contribute and that is also a message that is hard to attack. That’s what I’m really interested in and It’s what I could push a campaign on.

Thanks guys


I think a lot of open-source minded people would be inclined to donate through, It’s easy to give them a small token in receipt of a donation as well


Seconded if this counts :blush:


Proposed tweak, Symmetry and focus improved, people wary giving details so removed to clean button. Smaller logo unreadable so use space.

This will read just as well on mobile as on desktop too, with the horizontal white space.

Anyone else in favour?


Logo could become a video or animation after a second. I’ll do some black and white text moving around to input some key concepts without any clicks?

What’s the font, are we using open sans? Makes sense


I’m not seeing what you’re describing on mobile, @Lewis_Sturrock - could you share a screenshot please? I might be able to sort it out. Here’s what I see: