GE2017: Marketing & Comms


Website source is at - it’s generated using Jekyll, a static compiler. I guess @philipjohn and I are the maintainers at the moment, though I’d love to see better design on it.

I agree the pink bar is horrible, that’s my fault. I think keeping the news archive is important - we shouldn’t hide what we’ve said in the past, though if our thinking has moved on, we should write updates and crosslink them.

In the last election, I agree, the thing people found distinctive was how we operate and why, not the details of individual policies.


No thats what i see too, just thought the background is a bit clashy and the logo isn’t front and centre. It’s nice and responsive, though. I probably didnt explain myself well.


Agreed, transparancy, shouldn’t ‘hide’ anything. But perhaps bump a few up with the more open focus for landing