GE2017 Results!


Congratulations @Floppy and @Lewis_Sturrock on your campaigns!

In Horsham, James won 375 votes, a share of 0.6%
In Ross, Skye and Lochaber, Lewis won 177 votes, a share of 0.5%

Both really respectable results for a small, relatively unknown party! Click on the links above for the full results on Wikipedia.


An e-mail will go out to our list in just under an hour with our results and a bit of begging for money…


Yay! Thanks to everyone who supported @Lewis_Sturrock and I to make this happen - it’s a decent showing.

No gain from last time, which I’m a bit disappointed with, but also we didn’t slide down, so that’s the silver lining. The big thing this time was that we did this by working together as a team, and that’s been great! Thanks to everyone involved in that, particularly @KevinK, @philipjohn and @geeksareforlife for their hard work.

I’m going to do a bit of analysis and reporting today, but I’ll post back soon with thoughts on where we go from here, and how we keep our internal momentum up for the various elections in 2018.


Well done @Floppy and @Lewis_Sturrock - very impressed :slight_smile:


A couple of friends to compare to - I’ll add more as I find them:


I would agree very reSpectable. Now we plan our. Ext campaign


Well done everyone! I’m very happy because I know I could have done more!


The full results were published today by the Electoral Commission, so I took a look. You can see them in our shared Drive here.

I filtered out the main parties and independents and sorted by votes. Based on that, we ranked 56th and 120th out of 187 minor party candidates!

Some other comparisons;

  • There were 10 Pirate Party candidates. We placed 3rd and 7th out of the group of 12
  • 5th and 8th of 9 amongst Women’s Equality Party candidates
  • 5th and 7th of 7 amongst National Health Action Party
  • We polled more than the single Rebooting Democracy candidate
  • We polled more than the single Space Navies candidate :slight_smile:
  • Among 191 independents we came 82nd and 139th

Just thought that was interesting!


Great analysis @philipjohn, thanks :slight_smile:


Ooh, just noticed - we’re outperforming some WEP and NHA candidates, which considering their funding and profile compared to ours, is a great performance. I’d have expected them to beat us outright.