GE2017: Royal Mail Freepost



I love it.

@Floppy Are those URLs possible? I completely made them up.


Just spoke to Royal Mail. Their guide says to do so first, but they just told me the first step is to submit the artwork, so once we’ve definitely confirmed the artwork I can kick that whole thing off.


Looks awesome @KevinK


Really nice! @philipjohn check out the redirector repository for creating links. Each one is just a file in there so as long as there are no conflicts, should be fine.


I’m not happy with the blurb on the back that I wrote :frowning:

Let’s replace with this, stolen from the website:

Our old political options are broken, and we need new choices for the 21st century. We are building a new political party that’s all about working towards a better future, built on openness, collaboration and the power of the Internet to connect us all.

With that, are we all happy? @Floppy @KevinK @Lewis_Sturrock @geeksareforlife

Let’s get this sent to Royal Mail!


@Floppy Is your understanding of the rules the same as mine - that we’ll need two copies where the “promoted by” bit is changed to either “James Smith” or “Lewis Sturrock”?


Looks really good, and that is my understanding of the rules, yep. (I know I’m not @floppy :slight_smile: )


Just read it all through again. I love it! :smiley:


Yes, each version needs to say the candidate’s name and address in promoted by, and also I assume the printer’s details will be different - unless we’re ordering them both online?

I think the final imprint might need to be in the leaflet for artwork approval too, so we need to choose printers quickly.

Do we have the verified delivery numbers for each constituency (i.e. how many we need)? Phil, you called Royal Mail, did they give you those?


OK, @philipjohn I’ll change the back blurb.

@Floppy - I have your address, please confirm printer

@Lewis_Sturrock - I need your address, (@Floppy is Lewis’ still on behalf of Greenfinch address?) - and if you’re printing yourself, let me know so I can convert to a greyscale that’ll work in print & for ‘printed by’ details.


@Floppy I’m assuming we’ll go with Instantprint again, given that was easy and affordable last time, and I was just going to do the ordering myself and have them delivered to the both of you. Unless you’d rather do them yourself?

Royal Mail will give us the delivery numbers once we have the artwork approved.

@KevinK The two imprints should read:

Promoted by James Smith of 14 Greenfinch Way, Horsham, RH12 5HB on behalf of Something New, 14 Greenfinch Way, Horsham, RH12 5HB
Printed by instantprint, Unit A Brookfields Park, Manvers Way, Manvers, Rotherham, S63 5DR


Promoted by Lewis Sturrock of Flat 5, 153 High Street, Fort William, Inverness-shire, Scotland, PH33 6EA on behalf of Something New, 14 Greenfinch Way, Horsham, RH12 5HB
Printed by instantprint, Unit A Brookfields Park, Manvers Way, Manvers, Rotherham, S63 5DR


Ah, OK, if we can get a decent price of Instantprint then that’s fine. It’s a big order though, last time it was an entire palletload for one constituency! From what I remember though their prices were comparable to what I had last time.

(the two front pallets are ours, one for Horsham one for South West Surrey)

@Lewis_Sturrock on printing, I think if we’re going to freepost route (which certainly you will want to in the largest constituency), I think we need to do all or nothing, so getting them printed for you will be the way to go. We’ve just got to focus on getting the money in :slight_smile:


Oh wow, that’s a lot of dead :deciduous_tree: !

How did you transport them last time around? I’m guessing we might need to pick them up ourselves then?


Last time, we hired a van to pick them up from the printer. Then we repacked them into the right boxes (took about an evening to do both constituencies), then I loaded mine into my car, and @PaulJRobinson took his in the van. I was lucky, I only had to take mine 10 miles down the road to drop off - Paul had to drive to somewhere near Heathrow, about an hour away. It’s possible that @Lewis_Sturrock will have to deliver the leaflets to a main sorting office a significant distance away. the Royal Mail helpline will be able to tell us that, along with the final counts for delivery (i.e. how many we need to order).


Find Finalised leaflets here - Ready for print PDFs.


Main sorting office is really close to my house


@kevink looking great - just one typo I’ve just spotted. In the NHS section, “protect it’s funding” should be “protect its funding” :slight_smile:


Also, would it be worth distinguishing the URLs a little on each section, perhaps pop them into italics, or bold?


On it :wink: are those links definitely going live?