GE2017: Royal Mail Freepost


They will be :slight_smile:


@philipjohn do you know how to do it, or shall I sort them out?


Yeah, the redirects repo is super simple :slight_smile: - just need to get the destination pages sorted. I’ve done one and the others are next on my list.


Ah, ok, I thought you were going to link to the manifesto, but yeah, having topic news posts is simpler for new folks.


Guess I am devil’s advocate here! Question: as @philipjohn suggests use the statement from the website for leaflets. Then what if there’s a little editing so for this purpose of leaflets via Royal Mail for the GE2017, if it read as this instead ! How does it compare to you folk from the original ?

Our old political options are broken, and we need new choices for the 21st century. Something New as a political party is all about working towards a better future, built on openness, collaboration and the power of the Internet to connect us all.

Have a quick think how it comes across as you read it !


@KevinK Do you think you’ll have that final version ready today? I’d like to get it off to Royal Mail today if at all possible. Thanks!


@toby-vc I like it - if @KevinK is making any more tweaks before the final cut, it does read a little tighter, so we can update it.


Sorry thought I said. They’re already updated! Just head over to the link below :smiley:


Oh brilliant! Sorry to be a pain, but I’ve realised we’re missing one thing - we need to have “Election communication” on it. From the RM guidelines:

‘Election Communication’, on either the front of the artwork or on the front of the envelope being used


Well spotted @philipjohn! The RM would have thrown that back straight away! I think there might be a font size requirement too, from memory.


Yep, full guidance is:

‘Election Communication’, on either the front of the artwork or on the front of the envelope being used, or through a window in a font size of at least 10 points.
Constituency, candidate name and/or Party name on the front of the artwork.
Printer’s and Promoter’s details on the face of the artwork (name, full address and postcode for each).

I’m interpreting “face” as “outward facing” rather than “front”.


Yep, election communication needs to be on the front, but the imprint (promoter details) can go on the back.


Does that mean only ONE of the constituency, candidate name or Party name on the front?


No, it needs to have constituency and then one or both of candidate name, party name.

I assume this is so the party can send generic leaflets without mentioning the candidate.



I’m gonna send with just the party name on the front, and see what they say. My reading is any one of those three.

If not, I’ll mention that the guidance isn’t, IMO, clear.


It’s done. Crossing fingers it’s fine. I’ve also asked for the delivery numbers so we know how many we need.


Cool. I think we had them all on there last time, just for good measure :slight_smile:

See what they come back with, we have time to fix.


Nothing yet… tapping my fingers…


The front of the leaflet must show the constituancies they are representing “Horsham” and “Ross,Skye and Lochaber”

You should have put some money on that @geeksareforlife!

@KevinK Could you please add that constituency names on the front please?

“Horsham” and “Ross,Skye and Lochaber”


Consider it done! :slight_smile: In the same place