GE2017: Royal Mail Freepost


Thank you! Sent of the revised artwork so should get that confirmed soon.


Approved! Here are the details:

For @lewis_sturrock;

  • we need 41,600 leaflets
  • drop-off is to Inverness Mail Centre, 7 Strothers Lane, INVERNESS, IV1 1AA
  • election manager is David Nelson ([email protected], 07762 944 471)

For @Floppy;

  • we need 51,500 leaflets
  • drop-off is to Gatwick Mail Centre, James Watt Way, CRAWLEY, RH10 9ZX
  • election manager is Martyn Ashford ([email protected], 079399 04042)

Actions - we have tight deadlines - we need to do these things now:

  1. Order leaflets (it looks like each batch will cost >£1k so I’ve requested a quote from Instant Print)
  2. @Lewis_Sturrock and @Floppy please phone your election manager immediately and arrange a drop-off date/time. We need at least 48 hours for printing, and they need to be prepared (see above) so perhaps aim for next Wednesday (24th)
  3. @Lewis_Sturrock please complete this EL1 form at least 48 hours before handover, and send to [email protected] with the subject “915-625-498-U EL1 Form” (please CC me and @geeksareforlife so we know you’ve done it :slight_smile: )
  4. @Floppy please complete this EL1 form at least 48 hours before handover, and send to [email protected] with the subject “906-518-498-U EL1 Form” (please CC me so and @geeksareforlife so we know you’ve done it :slight_smile: )
  5. @KevinK Could you produce the print-ready versions of the leaflet for sending to instant print please? I’m assuming they need bleeds and whatnot added?
  6. @geeksareforlife Would you review the stuff about the mailing please and help make sure everything is in order?

Thanks everyone!


£1,950 for leaflets, but delivered to a single address, so I’ve asked for delivery to two addresses. Based on:

A4 folded to A5 Flyers
Full colour
Double sided
Single fold
150gsm silk
No lamination
42,000 & 52,000 flyers quoted
Free delivery to one UK mainland address


Oh, I misunderstood - £1,950 gets us delivery to two addresses, so that’s the full cost. We just need to pay and send the artwork over.

@Floppy I think I can get this on one of my cards, I’m just nervous about having that sitting there because I know I need to pay out £1,500 for something soon that also probably needs to go on that card :slight_smile: I’m guessing there’s nowhere near that amount in the bank, and the crowdpac so far only covers the deposits.

I did do a couple of begging posts on FB/Twitter this morning, but we could do a mail out too, to beg more.


I’ll check the latest finances. I can probably put it on my account for a while, if that’s easier for you? Or can they invoice us, to give us a bit more time? We definitely need to do a funding push though.


@philipjohn Files are print ready! :slight_smile:


I went for it - all paid up, artwork sent over and just waiting for the proofs to check over.

Also sent out a begging e-mail this morning, and need to schedule some more social media begging stuff (which I’ve been lax on so far, apologies).


Invoices are in this folder and I’ve added them to the expenses spreadsheet (which I’ve moved into the GE2017 folder, fyi @Floppy).


Brilliant, thankyou Phil


My leaflet dropoff is booked for 11am on Weds 24th. I’ve also sent in the EL1 and put it in the shared folder.


Wow, just looking at the maps, you’ve got a way to travel @Lewis_Sturrock to drop things off in Inverness. Are you OK to do that?


Apologies, I was away until today, so I missed this. I can see that @floppy has got hi EL1 in, have you done yours @Lewis_Sturrock ?)



@Floppy Your leaflets will arrive tomorrow (Friday)! I’ll be given a 1 hour timeslot in the morning, so will message you once I have that.

@Lewis_Sturrock Yours will arrive on Monday. Do you want to give me your number so I can let you know the one hour time slot? Also, will you be in?! Or should we send them somewhere else?


BOOM. Nice work mate :slight_smile:

In other news, I discovered that the postal votes will be sent out here on Monday and Wednesday, so we should be in time to get our deliveries out in time for some of them, assuming people leave it a few days normally. Good stuff :slight_smile:


Yayyyyy! I’d resigned myself to missing those, so I’m really glad to hear that :slight_smile:


They’re here! I’m going to see if I can move my dropoff date forward a bit. @Lewis_Sturrock, I hope you don’t live up any stairs…


OK, I’ve moved it to Monday at 10am. Need to resend the EL1 with the new date, but no problem. The thing I need now is to prepare the labels - @philipjohn have the Royal Mail given you the delivery office breakdowns?


OK, I got the delivery office breakdown from my local election manager. I’ll prep the labels, and get repacking. @Lewis_Sturrock I’ll add my label files to the shared folder.


So, a learning point for next time, that I obviously forgot about. Last time we ordered them pre-bundled into 100s. This time we are going to have to bundle them ourselves then repack them. Eeeek.

I’m going out to buy 600 elastic bands…


Things I have learned in the first half hour:

  • There are about 675 leaflets per box at delivery
  • You can pack about 700 in a box when bundled and wrapped up tight (6x100 and 2x50 bundles)
  • It takes about 25 minutes to process and bundle a box
  • I have 78 boxes
  • This is going to take ages


OK, it’s not so bad. Once you’ve got some hundreds, and you line them up, it’s pretty obvious that you can feel they’re exactly the same size, so you can just match piles together and do 100 at a time. It’s certainly within 1% error, and it’ll save a lot of time.