GE2017: Royal Mail Freepost


We clearly need some help for both you and @Lewis_Sturrock . A random thought - do we have location information with the mailing list? We could target an appeal for help to people within a few 10s of miles from you or Lewis?



OK, with doing it in hundreds at a time, I’m down to around 7 minutes per box. That makes 9 hours’ work, which is still a lot, but doable. I might see if I can arrange a bundling party tomorrow night to get some done faster :slight_smile:

We do have some location information @geeksareforlife, but we don’t have enough density of it to make that sort of location targeting useful, unfortunately. We’re better off hitting up friends and neighbours, I think.

@Lewis_Sturrock my current advice is to make well-counted reference piles, one of 50 and one of 100, and measure your bundles against those. Do 6 100s and 2 50s per box, for a total of 700 per box. You’ll get to a point where boxes don’t have the full 700 in them as it has to be split by delivery office, but most of them will be full boxes.

It’s a lot quicker :slight_smile:


Blimey @Floppy don’t envy that task - we’ll definitely have to document this on the Field Guide for the GE2019 (that’s how we’re doing this now right, every two years because everyone loves voting, yeah?)


Good thing I have Tuesday off lol, i worked in a bank for a few years so hopefully my counting practice will pay dividends. I spoke to david and got all the info, they have to be with him by friday (ideally thurs) at the latest. Well, I’ll find out when they arrive, but tuesday and wednesday i have some free time so hopefully get it done and up to Inverness!

@Floppy hopefull u won’t get a paper cut :slight_smile:


So, we had five of us last night and did it in about 3 hours, including boxing and labeling. So I’d definitely recommend getting some help @Lewis_Sturrock!

You can find my box labelling spreadsheet / mail merge thing in the shared folder under elections/parl.2017-06-08/parl.2017-06-08.horsham/leaflets. Either adapt to suit you, or if you like just give me your delivery office breakdown, and I’ll generate a complete PDF for you for the labels?

@philipjohn are all the links now active on the site?


They’re dropped off successfully, so that’s it! Everyone’s gonna get one :slight_smile:


When’s your delivery slot arranged for? I still need to finish another blog post :grimacing:


I actually don’t know, but I suspect they’ll be heading out at the end of this week. I can set up the links to point to manifesto bits in the meantime if we’re still missing a post.


Ah, you’ve already done the links. Lovely.


Hey Guys, I can’t find the link for labels, any help?



Ok, I’ve knocked it up in Photoshop but the Post Office guy hasn’t informed me of the Delivery Office Names, Walk names, Walk Codes etc. He says they where sent out by artwork checking Sunday 14th May 2017. I don’t have such an email do you? @philipjohn Don’t know volumes etc either. Any ideas?



@Floppy How did you do your levels, exactly?

@Lewis_Sturrock David Nelson should be able to give you that breakdown. I see you’ve sent the EL1 form over - thanks for copying me on that - I suggest phoning David tomorrow to confirm drop off time and get this breakdowns. Let me know if you have any difficulty and I can call him too.


I have managed to scrub the net and cross reference to get some info

71 Post Codes, Some with more than one Sector, 42 Delivery Units

With this I can get started sorting tonight, but I might be better loading this info into a form

Printing them out, and continuing tomorrow

I have till Friday to deliver, but was hoping to do tomorrow, that may turn into Thursday now

Cheers guys


That doesn’t look right to me, they should be giving you a list of simply how many leaflets go to each delivery office. You don’t need to know about walk names, codes, etc, or postcodes below the PH / PA / IV level.

My workings are in the shared files - elections/parl.2017-06-08/parl.horsham.2017-06-08/leaflets. I’ve re-shared the link to join that folder if you didn’t get it working last time we tried.


@Lewis_Sturrock is calling the royal mail again today - it seems that they didn’t provide him with the list he needs.



OK - if you chaps pop the results in here I can generate the PDF using the same spreadsheet I did, save you a little time :slight_smile:


My leaflets are out! Wooo! :slight_smile:


Being dropped off at approx 1pm tomorrow to go out, still got half to sort out so I’m on that now



I got two campaign leaflets today and my postal ballot so that’s turned out to be excellent timing :slight_smile:


Yep, I reckon my leaflet and the first batch of postal ballots hit the mat at the same time. I’ve definitely had some interest on email and social media; the leaflet seems more successful than last time - it’s catching people’s eye! Nice work @KevinK :slight_smile: