GE2017: Royal Mail Freepost


@Lewis_Sturrock how’s it going? Did you get them there?


Yep he did, they should be hitting door mats in Tuesday


bang on time :slight_smile: terrible pic but hey


Yay, the system works! Well done @Lewis_Sturrock :smiley:


So somehow a few RS&L leaflets ended up down here! I guess there much have been a switched box or something? We wouldn’t have noticed while bundling them up… @Lewis_Sturrock how many did you have left over? Perhaps I just got some of yours?

I now find myself wondering if we’ve accidentally broken the law. Not a lot we can do about it though.


Oh, my. Probably to do with the printing company putting the wrong leaflets in the wrong boxes. If you didn’t notice it when unpacking/sorting, it’s probably only very few of them.


Ugh :frowning: I hope it’s not too important.


I was just on the phone to the electoral commission helpline to ask about some finance details, and asked this while I was there. It sort of falls into those “one of those things” categories, so it’s fine. The leaflets themselves were perfectly legal, so it’s all OK.


@lewis_sturrock oh, btw, is there any way you could please send me a few copies of your leaflet, for the various archives (ours and other organisations that do it)? 10 should be fine, and my address is on the imprint :wink:

If I’d noticed I had some at one point, I would have kept them, but they’re gone now :slight_smile:


Lol, yeah I have 2 boxes so no problem. i have been contacted by a few groups looking for copies also