GE2017: Smaller parties on daily politics


Just saw this:

Would be nice if we could get on that stuff! I’ll see what I can find out…


Yes, definitely! We had a brief appearance in someone else’s spot last time, I’ll DM you the details for the person who we were in contact with.


@philipjohn we should see if we can get an interview on BBC Sussex and BBC Highlands & Islands (is that right @Lewis_Sturrock?). Would that be easier for you to try to start off, or us, do you think? Other local radio too…


Confirmed, accepted, paid everyone. Im on the ballot!


I can try and find some people to pester…


@philipjohn Eleanor Garnier was our interviewer last time: and

I don’t have her direct contact details, as it was organised through Anna Spencer of Populace, not directly with us. She should remember us though if you can get in touch; we were on with Waleed Ghani from the Whigs as well and I think Richard from MyMP was in the same segment.



[email protected]

Can someone use the official email to have this updated please?

potential CND support I supppose


I just sent them an e-mail about both you and James and our manifesto policy on nuclear disarmament. Thanks for pointing that page out!